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Why the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf over the conventional golf swing?

Statistics show that the average score hasn’t improved in decades. Instruction is not helping them. Conventional golf is too complex, with too much rotating motion. The Moe Norman Single Plane Swing eliminates much of the rotation in the conventional golf swing. The Moe Norman Single Plane Swing allows the club to move down the target line longer than the conventional swing, thus creating solid, straight shots. The ease of the Moe Norman Single Plane Swing translates into a swing that can be repeated with less effort, unlike the constant practice a conventional swing needs. Single Plane golfers come to expect better ball striking, which leads to improved accuracy and distance.

What’s the difference between Graves Golf Academy and other “Single Plane” swing methodologies?

The Graves Golf Academy teaches Moe Norman’s golf swing as it was taught to Todd Graves by Moe Norman himself over the last 10 years of Moe’s life. The Graves Golf Academy believes Moe Norman’s swing is the ideal model for all golfers to follow, and teaches each and every student towards the model of Moe Norman. Starting in 2000, Todd and Tim Graves formed the Graves Golf Academy with one primary purpose; to help golfers reach their true golf potential teaching Moe Norman’s ideal single-axis golf swing.

Is the Moe Norman Single Plane swing for the high handicapper?

Moe Norman Single Plane golf is probably the quickest way to lower the score for the high handicapper. Golf is a game of accuracy, and the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. What if you could hit it straight almost every single time you addressed the ball? If you could forget about your swing, you could concentrate on course management, on club selection and on fine-tuning your power control to get exactly the distance you need. Our best testimonials come from high-handicappers, because they know how hard conventional golf can be, and they love what the Moe Norman Single Plane swing does for the game.

Is the Moe Norman Single Plane swing for the good golfer who wants to improve?

The low-handicap golfer has mastered the precise timing that is required in conventional golf. Yet most good golfers find that slice or hook creeping into their game, or the bad shot keeping them from par. We have found that good golfers will improve their scores because they will be able to spend less time on the driving range working on timing of the swing and will spend more time on their short game where 60% of scoring actually occurs.

What about the golfer who is too busy to practice or the occasional golfer?

Moe Norman Single Plane Golf is a great way to play and enjoy a respectable round of golf if you don’t have time to go to the driving range all the time or play golf occasionally. The Moe Norman Single Plane Swing is low maintenance. There is less to go wrong with the golf swing because there are fewer moving parts. You may not win the club championship without the time spent on the short game, but people who are busy with business, family or travel can enjoy a fun and rewarding round of golf without all the constant work.

I’ve been playing traditionally for many years? Can I make a change?

Anyone can make the change no matter what their age, ability or length of time they have been playing. The Moe Norman Single Plane System is simpler and easier for everyone. The time it takes to master the change depends mainly on your personal commitment and ability.

How can I learn to play Moe Norman Single Plane style?

There are several different ways you can begin hitting longer, straighter shots the Moe Norman / Single Axis way. A great introduction is the “” Total Game Overview; what the Moe Norman swing is all about “” package featuring Todd & Tim Graves. The series is comprised of 2 DVDs or 3 VHS tapes with over 2 1/2 hours of 100% instruction in all areas of the game. From the “”Little Moe Swing for Life”” section where Todd Graves details the fundamentals of Moe Norman’s ideal golf swing, to the “”Short Game Instruction”” section featuring Tim Graves (PGA), no area of the game of golf is left uncovered. The third section of the series, titled “”Course Managment / How to Practice”” walks you through situations you face on the course every time you play, including different lies, types of shots, etc., as well as how to get the most out of your practice time.

You can also learn directly from Moe Norman’s protege, Todd Graves; who was personally instructed by Canadian Hall of Famer and Golf Legend Moe Norman himself. He and the staff of the Graves Golf Academy will teach you at all of their schools and camps that are conducted at their Academy locations in Oklahoma City, OK and Orlando, FL along with locations around the nation throughout the year.

How long will it take me to see a difference?

You will feel the power and efficiency of the swing immediately with the Moe Norman Single Plane drills and changes in your swing recommended by Todd Graves and his staff. With more consistent ball striking and an improved short game using the recommended practice techniques, you will improve your scores in a very short time.

Does Moe Norman’s Single Plane swing aid golfers with bad backs and arthritis?

The Moe Norman Single Plane swing requires less body twisting. The Single Plane System puts less stress on your body. Single Plane Golfers call and write us every day about how they can play more and with less discomfort. Single Plane Golf won’t cure your bad back, but many golfers who have been forced to give up the game find that the Single Plane System gives them a second chance to play the game they love. Proving this theory everday was Moe Norman himself, who, before his untimely death in September of 2004, still hits hundreds of balls everyday at the age of 74.

What kind of golf clubs did Moe Norman use during his life?

Moe played with all sorts of conventional clubs, but he altered them dramatically. He tore off all the conventional golf grips and replaced them with heavy, thicker grips. He adjusted the lie angle to fit him and added more weight to the clubhead – usually with lead tape. The main thing about Moe Norman’s club to know is that they fit him and his personal preference for weight, grip size, lie angle, and shaft flex.

Where can I find more information about the training aid I bought?

Go to this link – http://moenormangolf.com/productsupport/. It contains videos and eBooks for different product instruction and support.

Are there any tour players using this method?

Steve Stricker, Brian Gay (close), Carl Peterson – just to name a few who have very similar swings. Moe Norman’s swing is an easier way to go from start to impact. Most players start in an improper starting position (arms below the shoulders). This is a tenet of instruction but there is no reason to hang the arms below the shoulders – especially if you are hitting a golf ball where it is not below the shoulders. This is why no tour players swing this way. They are subject to the traditional “hang your arms” conventional instruction.

Here’s a video analysis of Steve Stricker’s swing and how it is very similar to the Single Plane method:


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Schools FAQ’s

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What is in a typical day of instruction during a Graves Golf Academy School?

Each day includes personal golf swing instruction by Todd Graves and his staff, including individual video analysis, swing instruction detailing the grip, stance, backswing and full swing, and a ball striking clinic by Todd Graves himself. Also included is short game instruction including putting, chipping, wedge game, and sand shots. Also included will be stories and videos during the provided lunch of personal experiences of time spent with Moe by Todd Graves.

What is the student to teacher ratio at the school?

The Graves Golf Academy schools have a 4 to 1 ratio of students to instructors. There will be at least 1 instructor including Todd for every 4 students at the school. Many times, there is a lower ratio.

What is the fastest way to get information on the golf school?

Register on the website by clicking here or call toll free 1-866-377-2316 (toll free inside the U.S.) for complete golf school dates, rates and sites.

Should I bring my clubs to my Graves Golf Academy School?

Yes, you should bring your clubs. Also available at every school is a large number of demo clubs from the major manufacturers GGA deals with. You will be able to use these clubs at your leisure. We will make sure your clubs fit you, will make suggestions on recommended changes, and if you choose, will fit you to clubs or your choosing.

What should I practice before attending my Graves Golf Academy School?

We recommend working on the fundamentals of the full swing, specifically the grip and setup before attending a school. The grip and setup positions are detailed in our instructional products. In addition, it is recommended to work on flexibility in the days and weeks preceeding the school, as it will help you fully enjoy the school experience.

How should I prepare for the school?

While most people do not think of golf as a strenuous activity, hitting golf balls all day can be tiring to most people. You should prepare for the school by getting a good night’s rest before hand and if you are not physically active, you should try to get some light, weight-bearing exercise in the days leading up to the school.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel the school?

Please call us at 1-866-377-2316 as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your school date. The Graves Golf Academy has a cancellation policy and will make every effort try and reschedule you to a different date.

What if it rains during the school?

If the school is canceled due to poor weather conditions, we will credit instruction toward another school for the time missed. If at least half the day is not completed, we will credit a full day of instruction to the student.

Do many students return to your school?

Yes, many students have attended a previous school. In addition, the Graves Golf Academy offers alumni rates for individuals who have attended one of our previous schools.

How can I see “Little Moe” (Todd Graves) if I’m not in a school?

The Graves Golf Academy offers a free swing demonstration at the close of the first day of every school featuring “”Little Moe”” (Todd Graves). This one hour demonstration allows golfers to witness “”Little Moe’s”” premier ball striking and ask Todd questions concerning Moe Norman’s ideal Single Axis swing. Call toll free 1-866-377-2316 or click here for times and dates of these demonstrations.