The beginning of May has been an exciting time for the Coaching Program with the addition of a new team member and the release of a new feature.

Chandler Rusk and I spent last week in Phoenix Arizona setting up another indoor teaching facility for one of our single plane instructors Bart Barnard, PGA. Bart has been a Graves Golf Academy instructor for almost two years and is located at Legacy Golf Resort. With the completion of the indoor studio, Bart will now be part of the coaching program team working on video analysis lessons. We’re proud to have Bart onboard, he’ll be a great asset for our members.

On May 5th for the first time ever, we released the Coaching Program Stat Cards. This new feature allows our members to have their golf rounds analyzed by our premier team. Analyzing your performance on the course will allow us to tailor our instruction to lower your score. The round analysis will break down your entire golf game into the following categories:

  1. Fairways Hit
  2. Tee Shot Distance
  3. Green in Regulation
  4. Pitch Up & Down
  5. Chip Up & Down
  6. Sand Save
  7. Penalty Shot
  8. Putts
  9. Score

Each category will be assed and assigned a handicap equivalent based on your statistics. For example: You might be equivalent to a 10 handicap with your tee shot distance but only a 30 handicap with your putting. Most golfers only look at their overall handicap, which does a good job at classifying their current skill level as golfer, but does nothing to help them improve. Knowing where you stand on each category will allow us to pinpoint the areas where the largest improvement can be made. An hour worth of practice on the weakest area of your game will statistically improve your score drastically compared to the same amount of practice time on your strongest category.

As a coaching program member, all you have to do is fill out four stat tracker cards and then submit the information to our coaches online. We’ll take care of the rest. We’re eagerly awaiting the first round of stat tracker submissions and look forward to the improvement this addition will make on our student’s golf games!

To find out more about the Coaching Program and the new Stat Tracking feature, email: