Don’t underestimate the importance of Golf

Life is complicated and much of what we stress about is completely out of our control. Take for example, this economic issue that every news channel bombards us with hourly. Do we really understand anything about it? I know I don’t. From what I understand is that emotions play a huge part of it and other than that, it’s an enormous guess to what is really going to happen.

Personally, I don’t like guessing too much and as far as the news is concerned, I would rather just turn it off and let others worry about it. Worry is a killer – even doctors will tell you that. My recommendation for those of you stressing is to turn the TV off and get out of the house. Get active. Nothing feels better than a bit of activity and what better activity than hitting a few golf balls. Golf is a great stress reliever.

I am not talking about going to the golf course and playing 18 holes. I am talking about the meditation of striking golf balls. I personally love it. I don’t really even know why other than it is a great get-away. When I was a kid, I spent much of my time in the open fields of Oklahoma. Those no cell phone – no pressing email days. I miss those days where for just a few hours, the only thing that existed was me, my clubs and a bag of Titleist. I even enjoyed picking them up after I hit them. Weird how we miss the little things.

All I know is that these things I call little are just me, minimizing their value. They are actually huge. I sometimes underestimate their importance.

I think I’m gonna hit a few balls today. Range balls of course – I have emails to answer this afternoon.

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