Huge Announcement!

GGA 1 on 1 Packages

For the first time ever in the 16-year history of the Graves Golf Academy, we are offering customized, in-person, one on one instruction at our Academy in Oklahoma City.

The entire OKC team will be available for 2 weeks at the end of August, so we are offering a limited availability option for Single Plane Golfers to craft their own instruction sessions at our Headquarters Academy in Oklahoma City.

So, to the details:

  • Dates available: August 16-31st
  • Location: GGA Academy at Coffee Creek Golf Club – Edmond, OK

The a la carte menu for you to customize your instruction package from:

Instruction Covered Time Cost Description
Aim Point Green reading 1.5 hours $175 Taught by an Aim point certified teacher, Aim point teaches you how to correctly read any putt you may have on a green. The Aim point System will help you not only read greens correctly, but make more putts!
1 hour $150 Session includes checking your bunker fundamentals and giving you strategies to become a more effective bunker player.
Chipping / Pitching 1 hour $150 Spend time with a GGA Master Instructor honing your wedge game fundamentals, along with deciding when to pitch and when to chip during your round.
Club Fitting 1 hour $150 Work with a Master club fitter to ensure your clubs are ideally fit to your Single Plane Swing. Session will include launch monitor data for driver, length and lie angle checks and adjustments (if necessary), and ball fitting to help you match the ideal golf ball to your game.
Driver Session 1 hour $150 Session includes fundamental work on your driver swing, review of ideal launch angles and spin rate with the launch monitor, and video instruction with your driver.
Fairway Woods/Hybrids 1 hour $150 Session will focus on helping you improve your ball striking with your fairway woods and hybrids. Instructor will also check to make sure you have the correct clubs in your bag to fit your game and swing.
Flexibility & Mobility 1 hour $150 Session will include a full analysis of your flexibility and mobility as it relates specifically to your Single Plane Swing. Based on the Titleist Performance Institute training, and adopted by GGA to the Single Plane, you will find any weak areas of flexibility and mobility, and leave with ways to improve those areas.
On Course Instruction 2 hours $200 This session will include playing 9 holes with a GGA Instructor as your ‘caddie’. Goal of this session is to help you make better course management decisions / club and shot selections and strategy while you are playing.
Putting 1 hour $150 Session includes checking your putting fundamentals and stroke to ensure you are consistently creating an ideal putting stroke. Also included will be advanced putting drills and checkpoints.
Single Plane Basics 2 hours $250 A full immersion into the basics of the Single Plane Swing. Included in this session will be an introduction to the Single Plane grip and address, positions of the swing, ideal impact and ideal release position. Ideal refresher for a seasoned Single Plane Golfer, or a new Single Plane Golfer just adopting the swing.
Tournament Play 1 hour $150 This session will pair you with an experienced tournament member of the GGA staff, and will give you strategies on how to adjust your practice sessions, before, during, and after your tournament play.
Wedge Charting 1 hour $150 In this session, you will learn how to correctly chart distances for all of your wedges, eliminating gaps and giving you a shot for any distance with your wedges.

As mentioned above, these sessions in August are being offered based on the above menu. You may choose as few or as many as you’d like.

To schedule, please contact me (Scott Renfrow) directly by email at or by phone at (405)250-6960. I will be scheduling your sessions with the instruction team based on the dates of your choosing, and payment will be collected in advance. GGA cancellation policy is in effect.

We look forward to seeing you for this limited time offer of personal instruction!