From Bob (Piatka):

I have been a member of the GGA for a little over two years. In that time, I have attended several training classes, purchased many of the training devices, attended most webinars, got fitted clubs, and practiced to the best of my ability the teachings of the GGA.

This weekend, I participated in my club’s Masters Tournament. I finished in first place in a field of 72 players after winning a tie breaker hole with another gentlemen. I received a Green Jacket, among other awards, and will be inducted into the Masters’ Club at my course. That is a pretty exclusive membership.

I wanted to thank the GGA and all the staff for showing the way and for providing me the opportunity to make myself a better golfer. This may not be the biggest or most difficult tournament in the country but it was big for me.

I especially want to mention the tips from Paul Monahan during the AAI Mental Game Webinar from last month. I used the information from the webinar to compete in the tournament under very challenging course and weather conditions, to maintain a positive energy and attitude, to avoid negative thoughts if I made a bad shot, to play my shot within 7 seconds of being at address and even thinking of a song during the tie breaker hole to alleviate some of the anxiousness. It is the first time I had ever participated in a tournament like this with a chance to win. There was a significant audience of my fellow golfers watching from the green and I was pretty nervous. I didn’t hit a good tee shot and was in some very heavy, thick, wet rough with a tree obstructing my shot. I used all of the tips from Paul to stay calm (AAI). I pitched out of the rough and back onto the fairway, got on the green and made the putt to win the hole and the tournament. This stuff worked for me.

Thanks again to all the GGA staff!

(To view the webinar (AAI Mental Game Webinar) Bob referenced:  CLICK HERE )

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  1. That is amazing Bob! Congratulations! I am really happy that you had such an incredible experience!

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