There are numerous questions and comments that people consistently ask about Moe Norman and the Single Plane Golf Swing.  Lets take a look at some of the most common questions –

1) If Moe was so great, why isn’t anyone on the PGA Tour using his swing?

A few players are very close – one, in particular, is Steve Stricker. Other players are Brian Gay, Carl Peterson and there are a few others such as Steve Elkington who have dabbled with Moe Norman’s mechanics. For all players, Swing Plane is the goal of all good ball-striking. Every PGA Tour player, both good and bad ball-strikers, are seeking to swing the club on a plane which allows them to become more consistent at achieving impact. Moe Norman’s golf swing is the easiest way to achieve what all players are attempting to do.

2) What do you mean by easy or simple?

The goal of a great golf swing is achieved the most important moment – impact. We call this “perfect impact” where the club path is correct, the club is at the proper angle and the club-face is among at the target. We consider and easy swing the ability to start “at address” and get to perfect impact with the least body movement, maximum speed and least stress on your body.

Because of the common “Conventional” swing method of hanging the arms straight down at address -in the athletic position – no conventional player can truly simplify their swing because they are starting off of the natural impact plane, complicating the golf swing from the very beginning. The key to simplification of the swing is to start, at address, on the Single Plane making it easier to return to impact.

3) Moe was great because he was “different” maybe even Autistic.

The truth is that Moe is a human being, with arms, legs, hands and he learned his golf swing through practicing the proper movement of his body – just as you and anyone with arms, legs and hands can also learn to move in a “biomechanically” ideal way making golf easier.

4. Moe’s swing hits the ball shorter – not as long as the conventional golf swing.

I played with Moe at Greenlefe Resort, in Florida for the first time in 1994 while I was playing professionally. Moe was 64 years old and consistently hit the ball 260 – 270 yards off the tee. There is no evidence that Moe Norman was shorter than other players on the tour when he played. Competitors that played with Moe in his competitive years often said Moe was equal in length or even longer off the tee than most players.

5. Moe’s swing looks weird.

I often hear this comment about Moe’s swing.  But I only hear this from “amateur” golfers. Professional golfers who knew Moe understood his swing plane and see the genius in his mechanics. I have never heard a professional golfer call Moe’s swing weird.

6. How long does it take to learn?

Learning is a process of learning the proper fundamentals and then practicing them until the brain develops a program for them. This process is different for everyone, however, our research and experience show that most people do not know how to “program” their brains effectively through practice. If a student truly learns how to practice, we have found that chaining their swing can be learned in less than 30 days.

7. What is the best way to practice?

The key to practice is to learn to move correctly. This means chaining the way you currently move (swing). The best way to do this is to start learning the positions in slow motion and then, once mastered in slow motion, speed up the motion until you can do it without mistakes. Use feedback tools such as training aids, video, mirrors and coaching to make sure your “fast” swings are fundamentally correct. Once you are fundamentally correct, you can start hitting balls to check technique.

8. Moe was the only one that could swing like Moe.

This is more of a comment than a question yet I hear this from golf professionals quite a bit. Once again, which I still can’t understand to this day, biomechanics is being ignored in relation to the golf swing. Of course, you are not Moe Norman nor are you any other athlete. The fact is that the Single Plane Swing is not about Moe Norman – it is about you learning from Moe’s mechanics and applying the simplicity of his swing to your swing. You will be your version of the Single Plane Swing. You might even be better than Moe.

9. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

I guess this refers to the fact that once you reach a certain age, learning stops. This, however, has not been my experience watching golfers of all ages learn the Single Plane Swing. After teaching over 5,000 students in the past 14 years in our golf schools what we have learned is that there are particular learning tools that accelerate the process. We have also learned that certain thing inhibits the learning process (such as hitting golf balls while trying to change swing motions). Therefore, anyone who thinks they can’t learn or is having trouble picking up something new –  usually is practicing inefficiently.

10.  If you had to learn it all over again, what would you do?

I love this question because it allows me to teach you from my direct experience. It also allows me to tell you what I wouldn’t do. If I had to learn Moe’s swing all over again, knowing what I know now, I would study the model thoroughly and exactly compare myself to the model. Then, using video and feedback tools such as mirrors and photographs, I would model the exact movement of Moe. Once I achieved the movement (without thinking), I would try to hit balls – into a net using video. If I make any mistakes on video, I would immediately change my mistake and try again. I would use this “back and forth” video modeling process to master my swing before I even attempted to play on the course.