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The Fault – Not establishing the “Rod” Position

When the club shaft is out of alignment with the lead arm at address, we consider this an incorrect position. This alignment is very important when it comes to the Single Plane Swing because it puts the body in a position to move into a perfect takeaway every time.

As seen in the photo above, note the following:

  1. The club shaft is not in alignment with the lead arm.
  2. The hands are behind the golf ball as opposed to ahead.
  3. The club head is directly behind the golf ball
  4. The lead hand wrist is cupped as opposed to being flat

With this incorrect alignment, here are some compensations that golfers will develop:

  1. Improper takeaway due to the hands being behind the ball at address
  2. Early release of the golf club
  3. Hitting behind the ball at impact
  4. Hitting the top of the ball at impact

Ultimately leading to:

  1. Loss of Distance
  2. Loss of Accuracy
  3. Inconsistency
Fix 1 Fix 2

Checkpoints, and Correction for not establishing the “ROD” position

  1. Facing a mirror, get in your set up position.
  2. Place the club head directly beneath your nose, and look at the alignment of the club shaft and lead arm.
  3. The club shaft should be in a direct line with the lead arm, which points to the lead shoulder.
  4. The hands will be ahead of the club head
  5. The butt end of the grip will point towards the lead side of the body

With this correct alignment, golfers will develop:

  1. Proper takeaway due to the hands being ahead of the ball at address
  2. Hitting the ball first at impact
  3. Being able to create a divot (with irons, hybrids and fairway woods) past the golf ball
  4. Solid impact with proper and good compression of the golf ball
  5. Proper and full release of the golf club

Ultimately leading to:

  1. Maintaining and increasing distance
  2. Increase in accuracy
  3. Consistency