One fault many students struggle with is straightening the lead leg during the downswing. This fault typically results in an over the top (slice) path of the golf club.

As seen in the pictures of impact:


IMG_1048  IMG_1050


1. The lead leg is straight

2. The spine was unable to maintain the correct posture

3. The lead shoulder is pulling up and out forcing the hands to come across the target line.

4.  The trail foot heal is off the ground because of the lead shoulder pulling up and out.

5.  Excess stress on the back.

Corrections & Checkpoints for Flexed Lead Leg

The proper movement of the lower body in the downswing allows the path of the club to come from the inside, the club to be on plane, and relieves stress from the low back.

As seen in the in these pictures:

IMG_1054  IMG_1052


1. The lead leg is flexed (braced)

2. The hips are rotated

3. Spine is still in posture

4. The hands are going down the target line and leading at impact

5.  The trail foot heal is on the ground.

A good drill to work on the flexed lead leg is the leverage bag drill. To see this drill: CLICK HERE

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