In our golf schools, one of the most common faults we see in our golfers is casting the club into impact with the ball. For reference, we define “casting” as any time the hands are behind the club head at the moment of impact. You may of also heard this as early release or flipping the club.

Casting has many negative effects on your game, some of which are:

1 – Inability to make solid contact with the ball. All shots are hit slightly “thin”

2 – Inability to compress the golf ball, or use the energy of the golf ball.

3 – Significant loss of potential distance on all clubs

4 – Almost impossible to hit hybrids and fairway woods

Here is a picture of casting:


As you see in this picture, at impact position (club head against the leverage bag), the hands are behind the club head, the shaft is leaning away from the target, in other words – the club head is ahead of the hands at impact. This is casting.

Corrections and Checkpoints for Casting the Club Into Impact

As seen in the image above, the ideal Single Plane impact position shows that at the moment of impact, the hands are leading the club head into impact.


To check and train the ideal impact position:

  1. Use a GGA Leverage Bag and Alignment Trainer. To view leverage bag and Alignment trainer training:  CLICK HERE
  2. As demonstrated in the picture above, set the edge of the bag 4 inches behind the “IBP” (Iron Ball Position). The phone number on the Leverage Bag should be at “IBP”.
  3. Using a mid-iron, hover the club above the ground so that you will impact the center of the Leverage Bag.
  4. From your Single Plane Address, take a small backswing, and then move into the impact position, hitting the Leverage Bag. HOLD your impact position.

While holding your impact position, check the following:

  1. Your hands should be at the black handle of the ball.
  2. The club face should be square into the center of the bag
  3. Your trail arm should still be slightly bent
  4. Your trail foot should still be on the ground, and your lead knee flexed

If you notice while practicing into the Leverage Bag that your hands are not getting to the black strap, or any of the other checkpoints are not correct, we suggest training slowly using the Leverage Bag without hitting balls to train yourself to get into the ideal impact position.

We recommend swings at 15-20% speed to start, so you can check each of the checkpoints. As your position improves, you can speed up.

Good Luck – be watching future e-tips for more tips and more common faults and their fixes.