Picture #1 Moe felt as if he could strike a coin that lay on the ground 30 to 37 inches behind the ball with a driver. Creating the motion that would strike the coin can help you learn to move the club correctly in the backswing. It all starts at address….

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Picture #2 You can see the lead arm and club shaft in line. This creates a relationship to the pivot point.

Picture #3 The initial movement of the backswing keeps the arms correctly in front of the torso and keeps the arms in an “away” movement.

Picture #4 This pivot point relationship is an important relationship as you move the club away in the backswing. You can see in this graphic representation how the pivot point maintains this relationship until the hands begin to hinge.

Picture #5 By placing a coin in the correct position, you learn to move the club away in this correct relationship.

Picture #6 Using a driver, I recommend placing the coin 30 – 32 inches behind the ball and 7 inches inside of the target line.

Picture #7 In order to make the correct motion to strike the coin, you must move the shoulders and arms in the correct motion which is why your address position is so important.

Picture #8 As you move the club away, you can see how the lead arm is straight keeping the club in front of the chest. The club moves over the coin but is still moves to the inside.

Picture #9 You can see how the lead arm has still kept its position in front of the chest. It is connected.

Picture #10 As you cross over the coin, the club moves slightly off the ground until the hands are about waist high. At this point, the hands hinge, the trail arm is folded and right wrist hinged at the top of the backswing.

Picture #11 (Picture of Moe) Even though you have folded your trail arm, you can see how the lead arm has kept the club away from the body.

Picture #12 (Dual Pictures of Moe) You can also see how the club is on plane because of hte correct arm and hand movement.

For more information/instruction (video / motion) of the full swing please see our “Total Game Overview – A Golf Swing for Life” Instructional Material and for advanced full swing instruction please see Volume #1 and #2 of the “7 Principles of Golf Improvement.”

Hopefully this will clear up many of the questions raised from the last etip. If you have more questions/comments please feel free to call or email us anytime.

Remember – Always Practice with a Purpose!