2014 Adams Idea Package Set

The Idea Complete Set is everything you need for the course, now with Adam’s patented and game-enhancing slot technology going through the set. Everything from the easy to hit driver and fairway woods to the hybrids, irons, wedges – this set will make the game more fun and enjoyable for you. Topped off with a Yes! putter, featuring C-Groove Technology.

This set will be customized for your single plane swing for length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size (our GGA grips) at no additional cost.

(At this time, this complete set is only available to be customized in the Senior (A) and Ladies Flex)

Set includes:

Idea Driver
Idea 3 Fairway wood
Idea 5 Fairway wood
Idea 4 Hybrid
Idea 5 Hybrid
Idea 6 Hybrid / Iron
Idea 7 Hybrid / Iron
Idea 8 Iron
Idea 9 Iron
Idea Pitching Wedge
Idea Sand Wedge
Yes! Putter
Adams Golf Bag

(Ladies set will have 7 fairway wood instead of 4 hybrid and comes in Blackberry or Almond color)

Cost of this complete set:   $899

(If you purchased components separately, would cost you well over $1,500).

 Callaway X2 Hot Special

New Callaway X2 Hot Clubs Now Available

2014 Callaway X2 Hot Clubs are NOW available!

Callaway X2 Hot Driver – $229
Adjustable head
Available in 9.0*, 10.5*, 13.5*

Callaway X2 Hot Fairway Wood – $179
Adjustable head
Available in 15*, 17*, 19*, 21*, 23*, 25*

Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid / Iron Set – $899 (Graphite shafts)
Includes 2 hybrids and 6 irons
Hybrids ($199 each) available in 19*, 22*, 25*, 28*

1 – X2 Hot Driver
1 – X2 Hot Fairway wood
X2 Hot Hybrid / Iron set (8 clubs):

Package Special:

10 Callaway X2 Hot clubs (package) for:  $1,199


Taylormade Jet Speed / Speedblade Special

Jet Speed Driver Jet Speed Fairway Wood Jet Speed Rescue / Speedblade Iron Set

Jet Speed Driver – $199
Adjustable head
Available in 9.5*, 10.5*, HL

Jet Speed Fairway Wood – $179
Available in 15°,  17°, 19°, 21*,  23°.

Jet Speed / Speedblade Hybrid (Rescue club) / Iron Set – $899 (Graphite Shafts)
Includes 2 Jet Speed Rescue Clubs and 6 Speedblade Irons
Jet Speed Rescue Clubs ($199 each) available in 17*, 19*,  22*, 25*, 28*

1 –  Jet Speed Driver
1 –  Jet Speed Fairway Wood
Jet Speed / Speedblade Rescue Club / Iron Set (8 clubs)

Package Special:

10 Taylormade Jet Speed / Speedblade clubs (package) for:  $1,199

All pricing includes fitting the clubs (customizing) to your specifications for length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size (GGA grips), set make up, etc..

No shipping cost (within US), no tax (Outside OK)


If interested in any of our specials

Or please contact Tim Graves, PGA at

timkgraves@aol.com or timg@moenormangolf.com