Clubs to Fit the Single Plane Swing

I have been getting a lot of emails and calls lately (in the past week) about students wanting to change their clubs to fit the single axis swing. And to be honest, I have heard a lot of MISS INFORMATION that I am sure is causing a lot of problems with fitting clubs. I think many may be buying or building clubs right now (maybe Christmas, maybe because hitting balls has slowed down due to winter months and decided time to tinker with clubs.)

#1. The club for the single axis swing IS NOT NECESSARILY (and I repeat NOT) more upright (lie angle) than a conventional club.

Reason – this may have been true 3 or 4 years ago, but most if not all manufacturers irons are more upright now than the past.

Examples (lie angle) (listed 5 irons): * The Ralph Maltby Complete Golf Club Fitting Plan (2nd Edition) as the standard lie angle for a 5 iron as 60.5*. (Used and recommended by the PGA). 4 years ago, this recommended lie angle was 59*.

  1. Callaway: 2000: Standard 59.5*, 2004 Standard: 62.3*
  2. Titleist: 2001: Standard 59*, 2004 Standard: 62*

Here are a few of today’s standard lie angles:

  • Callaway: 62.3*
  • Titleist: 62*
  • Ping (Black Eye): 61.75*
  • McGregor: 62*
  • Cobra: 62.5*
  • Natural Golf: 62*
  • Taylormade: 61*

If you take a standard club off the shelf (what 95% of clubs that are on the shelf are built to) and bend 2* upright as many say you should, your club will not fit – not even close.

This has cost a lot of golfers $ as they get a club that is way too upright and must replace as many clubs you cannot bend enough back.

**** If your lie angle is 3* or more off, it can affect your ball flight by up to 20 yards right or left. Meaning, perfect swing, perfect contact, perfect path, perfect face angle at impact, lie angle off 3*, your ball will be 20 yards left or right of the target.

#2 The lie angle is dependent on height vs. arm length. Not everyone is the same – not even close. We have tables and standards for this.

A couple of examples:

  • Moe – 5 ft 7 inches tall – wrist to floor 32 inches – lie angle: 59*
  • Todd – 5 ft 9 inches tall – wrist to floor 34 inches – lie angle: 60*
  • Tim – 5 ft 10 inches tall – wrist to floor 34 inches – lie angle: 60.5*

Please, please, please, please let us give you a recommend lie before you build a set of clubs or purchase…

#3 Length of club is also variable of height vs arm length. The length does not change as much as lie angle as you just have a different angle to the ball, but distance will remain the same. There are some variations and need to know those before you build or purchase. Example. 6 ft tall individual with average length arms: 5 iron graphite 38.5 inches, steel: 38 inches.

#4 Grip size: VERY IMPORTANT – determined by hand size. THE SAME GRIP DOES NOT FIT EVERYONE. Even if you use the no tapered grips – they may need to be stretched or built up accordingly.

Example: Medium Large or 7 3/4 inch hand size – Mid Size grip with 4 under wraps lower hand, 2 under wraps upper hand.

Point to remember here – MUCH BETTER too small than too large. Too large will inhibit the release of your swing because it does not allow for proper pressure points in the swing.

#5 Flex of club is determined by how far you hit shots or club head speed. Need right flex to get right launch angle on your clubs so you can hit to maximized distance. This is true for all irons and woods.

Ex. 100 mph with driver (230 ball fly) is a stiff flex. 90 mph with driver (210 ball fly) is regular…

Let us help you determine shaft flex – critical to good ball striking.

Don’t just get something off the rack or build something to standard.. this is like buying a shoe that is the model shoe (one that doesn’t fit, but on top off all the boxes..). Make SURE your clubs fit you…

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  2. Hi Tim, You may not remember me, I’m Carlos Sanchez, I attended several of your camps back in the day.
    I’m looking to up grade my clubs and have reading on Bryson DeChambeau clubs. The Idea of
    having all the clubs the same length and weight resonates with me.
    I would love for you to help me with getting clubs with the above requirements.
    Hope you can help me.
    Warm regards,

  3. Hi my name is Charles Norman everyone calls me corky . I went to a natural golf clinic around ten years ago in Michigan. Started getting the hang of it, but had to put things on hold. My wife started having health problems, she passed away in May. I have worked in the golf industry for thirty plus years. I’m not sure if moe was related to r family. My grandfather came from Scotland his brother went to Canada not sure were. My pictures and my sons when we were little look a lot like moe the ears are a dead give away! Todds video when he talks about turning the left shoulder first got me going agin. I played in the Michigan open in 98 . I love to hit balls, it takes your mind away from the pain of loss and loneliness. The swing works ! It does go straight ! I played the south course at Arcadia bluffs shot 98 wanted to throw up . Went home watched moe agin, saw what Todd said, hit some balls, went back to the south course shot 78 that quick of a turn around ! Todd thank you . You do explain it . It makes sense now . I will never change back agin . Corky

  4. Hi!

    Just getting into golf at the ripe old age of 42 (a back injury derailed my ball playing days). I looked at your fitting form, but most of the required info is non-existent as I’ve never owned clubs or shot a round. Research has led me to you guys and the single plane swing. Just trying to get an idea of what kind of clubs I should be looking into, as far as shaft length and lie angle. Any response will be greatly appreciated.


  5. I am 5’7,” tall, wrist 30 inches to floor, small hands. Trying to find complete set of woods, 3,5,7,9 that will fit me best.

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