1. Fantastic webinar. Thanks. I`m a new Norman/Graves oneplane golfer. I`m from Denmark in Europe so sorry for my bad English 😉 Playing golf for 25 years. Hcp 11.2. I´m 6.78 (202 cm) tall, Wrist-ground 3.3 (100 cm). As a twoplanegolfer I was fitted 2″ ekstra long (irons) and 1 1/2 ” upright. I’m using Callaway X 20 irons, (oversize grips) Cleveland wedges (50,56,60) and Callaway XR 16 driver 10.5, Callaway Steelhead 3 XR, Taylor Made SLDR 1-14 Minidriver (3 wood) and 5 wood Taylor Made 19 degree. R 9. All grafit shaft s. I hope you will be so kind and give my some advice about length and upright ore not and so on. I will be very very glad and tankfull to you. NB I’m following you on Facebook and a great fan for your youtube videos. Keep on the god works. From Bent. R.Olsen, Denmark.

    1. Hey Bent!

      Best thing to do is fill out our free club fitting form on our website moenormangolf.com and Co-Founder Tim Graves will send you the exact specs you need for your Single Plane Swing!


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