Whether looking to fit/replace a single club to an entire set, from a putter to a driver to your irons, wedges, etc.. it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that the club(s) is fit to YOUR individualized swing and single plane specifications.

An UNfit club will hinder your improvement process, an UNfit club will hinder your golf game, an UNfit club will not allow you to reach your potential, an UNfit club can and many times will actually physical hurt you (tendonitis in elbows and wrists are many times causes and exaggerated by club with improper lie angles), and UNfit club is basically worthless to you. I don’t care how much you spent for the golf club(s) – if they are not individually fit to you – they are worthless to your game – and worse than that, can and many times will actually “hurt” you.

The Graves Golf Academy has custom fitting programs established with most major manufacturers in the golf industry. And many of the manufacturers install our grips in their custom department (no other instruction group can say that….). We have worked VERY HARD to set this customizing system up for our customers, students, etc. anyone interested in the single plane golf swing.

Also, because of the amount of equipment we sell from each manufacturer, we are many times offered equipment at a reduced rate for our customers. We are always able to match industry pricing and many times able to beat the pricing. We are also many times able to offer clubs at a significantly reduced price (last year’s models, etc. as these manufactures know how many clubs we sell and “hold some back” for us). Please watch our newsletters (bimonthly) for these specials – as they typically don’t last long as many are interested in these special pricings.

Customization done at the manufacturer (Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, etc..) is free through the Graves Golf, there is no added cost for the GGA grips installed and customized at the manufacturers. Plus, there is no shipping charge (within US) and no tax (outside of OK) through Graves Golf.

To get a FREE individualized custom fitting please go to:


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  1. I already have clubs provided by your firm. I am scheduled to attend your golf academy in Arnold MD ON April 2, 2020. Is it possible to evaluate my swing again to determine if the clubs are still right for me? I absolutely stripe the irons but I have no confidence or consistency with the woods.

    1. Hey Don!

      Yes, our Instructor will re-take your club fitting measurements and we will be able to double check with the specs we have on file for you. In regards to your clubs (as long as you measured yourself correctly) – they are perfectly fit to you and your Single Plane Swing.

      I believe your School has been postponed due to COVID19 – next best thing you can do is to join our Single Plane Academy Gold Membership and send us videos of your Swing. Our Master Coaches will analyze your Swing, compare you to our Model, and show you exactly what to do to gravitate towards the Model.

      If interested, send me an email at

  2. Thank you for the free instruction I received on YouTube and your website, I am a six handicap or I’m 63 years old and I’ve played conventionally all my life. Since I have a ducted your swim techniques watching hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of Mont Norman and you I have finally! Began hitting consistently down my target line I can’t thank you enough!!!

    1. Hey Chris!

      Love to hear that you have found consistency with the Single Plane Swing. This speaks to the genius of Moe and what he created. He had the simplest and most efficient swing ever created in order to get to impact. Not to mention, no stress on the body.

      We’d love to see you at a School or inside of our Single Plane Academy Gold Membership to help you take your game to the next level.

      If you’d like more info: send me an email at

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