We just finished our inaugural 3-day Premier school in Denver, Colorado, and it was just about as perfect of a school as we could have had. An ideal teaching facility, a 9-hole par 3 practice course, and a staff willing to do whatever it took to help ensure our guests had a great experience. Throw in that the weather was just about perfect, and the backdrop of the front range of the Rockie Mountains, and we were in golf school heaven, even if for 3 short days.

Upon returning back to base, we receive an email from one of the students of that school that I just had to write about. Here’s what he had to say:

“Thanks again for all of your advice and instruction. I had a fabulous time. I received more useful information in my three days with you guys than I have in my 35 years of golfing and a small mountain of golf instruction.”

His comments helped me further understand why our golf school programs, whether they be a 1 or 2-day Single Plane Experience, or a 3 or 5-day Premier school, continue to grow and receive these kinds of comments back from those who attend.  It all boils down to one word:


Like many golfers in the world, we are all seeking answers, no solutions, to help us improve each facet of our games. And while one, like this student, can compile literal mountains of golf instruction, the one thing that I see with golfers attending our schools is that they leave with Clarity. They don’t leave hitting it perfectly, but they leave with a very clear and concise picture of what they want, and methods and tools and training for accomplishing that very clear goal.

In my humble opinion, it is this clarity that is lacking in golf instruction worldwide. You’ve seen it and experienced it many times I’m sure. There is a sea of instruction to be consumed out there, however, there is very little Clarity.

With that, I’ll jump down off my soapbox and simply conclude with this:

If you seek simplicity, if you seek a permanent solution and not a quick fix, and if you seek Clarity, then a Graves Golf school should be on your calendar sooner rather than later. And I can tell you from both personal experience and now 9+ years of professional experience that the best time to work on your game is NOW! As we move to the end of golf season for many of you, there is no better time to transform than the off season.

We have school programs going throughout the fall months, let’s see you at one. Check out the calendar HERE.

To your improvement,