Custom Moe Norman Wedges

We’ve launched the production and marketing of a Signature Moe Norman wedge line, produced for us by Callaway and designed by Roger Cleveland whose name is as important to wedge design as Moe Norman’s is to ball striking prowess.

Sporting, a Moe Norman etched autograph on the hosel, these Callaway wedges are designed with Moe’s characteristics (what he liked) in a wedge.
In other words, it has the highest technology in the wedges (grooves, face, etc.) with the characteristics that make it the perfect Single Plane wedge(s).
Each wedge (with Moe’s characteristics (weight, grind, shape, etc.)) is customized to the student’s / customer’s individual fittings for length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size with the Graves Golf Academy specialized grip. 
Wedges are available in 46*, 48*, 50*, 52*, 54*, 56*, 60* and 64*
(Some available in right handed only)

Please contact Tim Graves, PGA at if interested or with additional questions. 
He is happy to help you with individual customization.