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Moe Norman Signature JAWS MD5 Wedge

Our influence with Callaway Golf has resulted in a close relationship which undoubtedly feeds GGA’s vision for growth. GGA is Callaway’s largest “green grass” seller of their equipment and that translated into advantageous

marketing leverage with them. The partnership includes a great new product line and a likely co-promotion sure to gather golf world buzz for both companies.

We’ve launched the production and marketing of a Signature Moe Norman wedge line, produced for us by Callaway and designed by Roger Cleveland whose name is as important to wedge design as Moe Norman’s is to ball striking prowess.

Sporting, a Moe Norman etched autograph on the hosel, these Callaway wedges are designed with Moe’s characteristics (what he liked) in a wedge. In other words, it has the highest technology in the wedges (grooves, face, etc.) with the characteristics that make it the perfect Single Plane wedge(s).

Roger Cleveland and Tim Graves Discuss the Moe Norman Wedge by Callaway


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