I recently had a great phone conversation with one of our long time alumni. We were discussing his game, and ways he could continue to improve his game. After the conversation, I got to thinking about something he said during the course of our conversation, and realized that a lot of our alumni probably feel this same way. The quote that got me inspired to write this article was:

“I know I’m better than how I’m scoring right now”

In the course of our conversation, he’d mentioned that he has days on the golf course when he feels like he’s playing to his ability, the ball striking is solid and straight, and then days where he feels like a rank beginner. No consistency, balls flying left and right, etc.

The golfer side of me could definitely empathize with him, as I’m sure you could as well. We all have days that defy belief, and then days when we can’t find the fairway or green to save our lives. However, the instructor in me knows the “why” behind these inconsistencies in all our games.

My advice as an instructor was simple; there is something fundamentally in your swing that is causing these inconsistencies. There was something in the swing that wasn’t matching the model, and in order to play to his true potential, he’d have to work on correcting that fundamental error.  Inevitably, he asked what any of us would ask,

“How do I fix it while I’m trying to play during golf season”

It was the question that every instructor hates to get, because the honest answer is not something the golfer wants to hear. I told him simply, “You may have to get off the golf course for a period of time to train and correct the swing fundamental that is causing your inconsistency. You may have to give up playing for score, analyze what is fundamentally incorrect in your swing, and then work for a period of a month, 2 months, or whatever it takes to train and correct the error.”

There was a brief silence on the phone from his end, and then he said, “Boy, that’s a big commitment to make”. And he was absolutely correct.

It is the dilemma that each of us face. We love to play the game, but the inconsistencies we have, or the fundamentals that are just a little off in our swings, plague us. We know that we have the ability, or potential to play better, but making the commitment to do what is necessary to correct, or train our swings to be more fundamentally sound, is a big one. What do we do?

As an instructor who’s watched countless Single Plane golfers transform their games, and play the game at levels they’d only dreamed of, I can tell you that while it is hard, and sometimes seemingly impossible, to take the time away from the game to properly train to make the corrections and lasting improvements, I can tell you with 100% confidence that any time you take away from playing to train on correcting and perfecting the fundamentals of your swing will pay dividends for the remainder of your golf career. It’s worth the time, the effort, and the temporary pain of taking yourself off the course.

My advice to you if you know you’re better than your scorecard says you are – Take the plunge. Analyze where your swing is off, commit to correcting it, get the coaching and feedback you need from the Academy, and do the work in a smart and efficient manner. After you’ve done this and go back to the game, you’ll know that your sacrifice of a few rounds of golf was worth the effort.