Biomechanically Simple is an oxymoron

I am guilty of using the term “biomechanical” as it relates to the movement of the body. This is how I see the golf swing. I see it as a set of bodily movements that in sequence – put a golf club in motion. Yes, this is a biomechanical (act of movement) of the body. But is there really any simple movement of the body? I don’t think so.

Even things you think of as simple such as eating an apple use hundreds of muscles including the muscles in your jaw, not including the muscles in your arms, shoulder and back to bring the apple to your mouth. Think about teaching someone to eat an apple starting from the apple sitting on the counter to the act of taking a bite. It might go something like this:

Reach your arm to the apple and grasp the apple with your hand. Make sure that you hold the sides of the apple as to leave a space where you can bite. Now, lift the apple to your mouth, open your mouth wide enough and press your teeth into the apple. Now, close your teeth as you push on the apple and then gradually pull the apple away from your mouth as you continue to bite downward.

As you can see, describing a simple task is not so simple. Then, if you take into account all of the variables such as how big or hard is the apple? Or how many bites will it take to eat the entire apple? The complication of eating an apple can be mind-numbing. If eating an apple is this difficult to explain, imagine the complication of describing the golf swing. I once figured that to cover a 300 page instruction book would take over 9 hours of video. Yes, the golf swing is complicated because describing human movement (biomechanics) is always complicated. So where do we go from here?

Keep It Simple Stupid – was a term Moe would use often. And I do believe there are simple ways to move the body and difficult ways – especially when it comes to conventional golf versus Moe’s Single Plane Golf Swing. The difference is that Moe positioned his body in a pre-set or “efficient” place that made it easier to do the job of hitting a golf ball. It’s really that simple. Moe started in a better place which makes moving easier.

This doesn’t make describing Moe’s swing any easier or instructing Moe’s swing any less complicated. This is where many students get confused. They think that because Moe’s swing was easier that the instruction should be simple. This is a big mistake. What you need to understand is that your swing will become simplified when you are in the correct positions – the positions of Moe – but sometimes these positions are difficult to achieve. This might be difficult for some of you to hear.

Of course, there are simple ways of explaining things that sometimes work such as describing the trail hand movement as “hammering a nail” or describing the downswing move as a “sitting” motion. Relating movements to familiar things can be useful however, it often doesn’t tell the entire story. The fact is that you only learn the movement when you do the movement. Therefore, doing the movement correctly you will develop your own description because all new movement is unique to the person moving. Where one person feels like a sit, another feels like a squat or a dip. The fact is that it doesn’t really matter as long as the movement is correct.

So my advice to you is to learn to move correctly. This means that you must get past the idea that Moe’s swing instruction is complicated. All instruction is complicated if it is any good. The key is to get past the details and onto the feelings of correct. This is where true learning happens.

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