The 4 C’s of an Effective Short Game

In our schools, camps and clinics (and pretty much anytime you’re around me), you will continually hear how important the short game is for scoring. In this article I’m going to compare the long game vs. short game then give … Continue reading

One Thing at a Time

I wanted to tell everyone a story about a student I (Tim) have been teaching the past few months. Of course, as always, story is to help those who read it… I have to teach a young man from Edmond, … Continue reading

Putter Fitter

According to the PGA: One of the most stressful events a golfer can put on his/her back is putting – especially practice. This is one of the only extended times you will bend at the waist without relieving the stress … Continue reading

The Grip cont.

This is a busy time of year for us and great things are happening. Our Orlando Academy is booming, and with construction of our building underway, I can only imagine the great things to come in the following months and … Continue reading

Difference between NG and GGA

Dear Friends, This message is written from one friend to another. It’s intent is to be informative and helpful and to clear up the message that we offer. We often get asked the question, “What is the difference between The … Continue reading

Talk about Clubs: What Flex Shaft in My Drive?

Got a great question on our chatroom a couple of weeks ago wanted to share with all those that didn’t see it: Question: “Suppose you swing the driver 110 miles per hour. Based on that swing speed, you should be … Continue reading

Lie Angles Don’t Lie

This month we’re going to discuss the lie angles on clubs. Not just how a correct lie angle affects the direction of a golf shot, but as important, what looking at and monitoring lie angles of clubs can tell you … Continue reading

Winter Practice 2

Going to Discuss Recommend Winter Practice #2 in this month’s e-tip: But FIRST: Wanted to copy this testimonial I received a couple of days ago…. From Doug Smith, Virginia ” Let me start off by saying Thank You! Thank You! … Continue reading

Clubs to Fit the Single Plane Swing

I have been getting a lot of emails and calls lately (in the past week) about students wanting to change their clubs to fit the single axis swing. And to be honest, I have heard a lot of MISS INFORMATION … Continue reading

How to Cure the Shank

The dreaded S word. Some refuse to mention the word around anybody that has played golf. Many regards it is another four letter word. Almost every golfer has experienced it, especially in the most critical moment at the most critical … Continue reading