Winter Practice – Working with the Leverage Bag

Past few weeks we have been getting quite a few questions (through email and on the forum) about how to use the leverage/impact bag. This is ABSOLUTELY one of the best drills/teaching tools you can use to work on many … Continue reading

Fastest Way to Lower Your Scores – The Putter

What is the fastest way to lower your scores?? Let’s review a stat or two (very telling…). 43% of scoring occurs on the green (with the putter). Meaning if you shoot 90, you will average close to 40 putts per … Continue reading

How to Read Greens

After the August e-tip I received quite a few questions about “How to Read Greens?” Thought I’d write this practice tip on some ways to learn how to read greens and some helpful hints/drills that will help you read greens … Continue reading

Moe’s Wisdom

Recently, I was given an audio tape of Moe speaking in an interview. The interview was about his great golf swing and his legacy and my name were brought up. The interviewer asked Moe if he thought I “had” his … Continue reading

How to Play in the Wind

We have had a few single axis golfers ask us our advice on how to play golf in the wind. What we recommend for handling different shots and how the wind might affect these shots. Especially this time of year … Continue reading

Tough Love #2

This past week I started to receive our annual increase in emails – sure due to “golf season” officially starting with the Master’s, etc… With these emails I received a few that “bothered” me… to the say least… Scott (Renfrow) … Continue reading

How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrids

We have recently received quite a few requests to cover the fundamentals of hitting fairway woods and the recently popular long iron replacement clubs – the hybrid (aka the utility club, baffler, heavenwood, etc…) We are also sure you have … Continue reading

Process and Progress of GGA Alumni – The Path

Process and Progress of GGA Alumni – The Path This past Monday and Tuesday we had the privilege of again teaching a group of our alumni at our academy in Orlando. This is always a treat for us as we … Continue reading

Short Game Winter Practice

As everyone knows who has been at one of our schools, read past instructional material by us, has our instructional material (TGOV or 7 principles) or just spends a little time at any of our academies – we continually stress … Continue reading

The Lob Wedge – Making your “Worst Enemy” your “Best Friend”

First, I want to say, I believe the lob wedge is one of your most important clubs in your bag. Besides your putter and your driver, this is probably the club you will use the most in a given round… … Continue reading