Don’t underestimate the importance of Golf

Life is complicated and much of what we stress about is completely out of our control. Take for example, this economic issue that every news channel bombards us with hourly. Do we really understand anything about it? I know I … Continue reading

Great Testimonial from our March 6-8th school

We received a great testimonial from our school that just ended here in Orlando on the 8th.

Paul D. writes,

“Hi Scott,

I am sending a quick note to say thank you and that it was great meeting you, Todd and Tim last week. I really enjoyed the school. This was truly the best golf experience I have ever had and I learned more in the 3 days than I have in the last 12 years. Continue reading

Natural Golf’s punching bag?

Well. It is a shame actually that the Natural Golf Company and Graves Golf Academy can’t find common ground to work together to help people. I truly mean that. I have a long history with Natural Golf – some good … Continue reading

GGA 5 Day Alumni Camp – Clubs that Fit

Great to see all of the alumni working on Swinging Like Moe. This is what we (GGA) enjoy and seeing how others improve and keep working at their golf swings is fun. I only wish that we could see these … Continue reading

I Gave Myself A Chance

“I gave myself a chance” was Moe’s way of describing how he prepared himself to play and perform his best. This was the way Moe maneuvered his golf game and his life. He prepared himself and played golf from a … Continue reading

Playing “Winter” Lies

In the past few weeks, I (Tim) have been trying to get on the course more and more to start to get my game ready for the season. As always with this time of year, it is a much different … Continue reading

A Hook Waiting to Happen

Had a couple of great email questions this past week and then spent today playing in a ‘marathon’ golf match in Wichita, KS that reminded me again of “A Hook Waiting to Happen”. First will describe the match and what … Continue reading

The 1.5 Drill

To see the GGA’s latest webinar (with the 1.5 drill): Aug 2008 WebinarSpeed, Path, Angle of Approach and consistency. This describes the most important moment of a golf swing: Impact. All great golf swings return to impact correctly. This is the … Continue reading

How to Drop Your Handicap FAST Using the 3 P’s of Putting

Here is one of those e-tips again… if you are rushed, don’t have much time to read, etc.. please put this e-tip down (close, etc..) and come back to it when you have time and a VERY open mind… This … Continue reading

Spring Renewal for Your Game

Views of the blossoming Azaleas at the Masters is a clear indication that the golf season is in full bloom. What a beautiful site. Golf course parking lots are filling and driving ranges are crawling with anxious golfers practicing their … Continue reading