Critical Moments

“What you do NEXT” has a profound impact on how you perform on the golf course and off. I was playing last week with Single Plane Academy student Chris Anderson at his course in Detroit. Chris is a very good … Continue reading

TLC Approach & Hopefully My “Heart Ache” Can Help You…

Hope everyone got a chance to see the PGA Championship this weekend.  Brooks played great.. was a lot of fun to watch his dominance. During the event – many times the commentators referred to the last time Tiger was beat … Continue reading

Mental Game Skills Must be Cultivated

What are you doing to cultivate productive mental game skills in your golf game? Coaches don’t really DO anything. If we are doing our job right, we engage with our clients about what they really want…and then help them to … Continue reading


From Bob (Piatka): I have been a member of the GGA for a little over two years. In that time, I have attended several training classes, purchased many of the training devices, attended most webinars, got fitted clubs, and practiced … Continue reading

My Lesson in Acceptance

How good of a student are you? How willing are you to accept the feedback you get from your coach? Consider cultivating Acceptance as a key mental component of your Single Plane Swing journey. I was on the Graves Golf … Continue reading

In Season Practice

For most – it’s golf season time or getting really close to golf season. With the warm weather starting and sun setting later and later – hopefully everyone is getting more playing time and practice time. So – I thought … Continue reading

Tiger Vs. Moe and the Single Plane Swing

By:  Chandler Rusk, GGA Master Instructor Congrats Tiger on your Masters win this past week! So, how about a little Tiger vs. Moe for this week’s instruction.  ******************* Before we get started, it is good to know that if you … Continue reading

Practice Slower. Play Faster

Practice Slower. Play Faster. Sounds like a directive. Right? Actually I think of it as a mental game approach. Here’s why: At almost every GGA school I attend, lots and lots of students are doing their level-best to achieve the … Continue reading

Hybrids – How to Hit & Drills to Help

Graves Golf Academy Teaching

Hybrid – How to Hit and Drills to Help By Tim Graves, PGA One common theme we see with golfers is the difficulty hitting hybrids. Hybrids, aka rescue clubs, long iron replacements, or baffles, are the clubs in your bag … Continue reading

The PERFECT STORM Custom Club Special

THE PERFECT STORM This doesn’t happen often – in fact, I can’t remember the last time it happened.   In weather – a “perfect storm” is a mixture of warm air, cold air and a low pressure front – combining … Continue reading