Whether looking to fit/replace a single club to an entire set, from a putter to a driver to your irons, wedges, etc.. it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that the club(s) is fit to YOUR individualized swing and single plane specifications. An … Continue reading

Be Willing to Be Stupid – Tips for Improving (Part 2)

Hopefully, you were able to read last month’s practice tip (November Update) – Tips for Improving (Part 1). In this practice tip we discussed how we work with our students to create new habits rather than breaking old habits. It is … Continue reading

The Concomitant Relation of Swing Plane, Lag and Release

Single Plane Lag

I don’t know a golfer on the planet who doesn’t want to add 20 yards on the end of their average drive.  This equates to a club-head speed increase of approximately 8 miles per hour which, for most golfers, is … Continue reading

Tips for Improving (Part #1)

A few years ago now (about 5) – I wrote a series of instructional articles inspired by Dan Coyle’s “The Little Book of Talent, 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills”. At the time – these articles got GREAT REVIEWS!! And … Continue reading

Indoor Training – Putt Your Way to a Great Swing

During a recent webinar I discussed how working on your short game (putting, chipping and pitching), if done properly, can and will dramatically improve your long game. Had GREAT response during and after the webinar. To be honest, didn’t surprise me … Continue reading

SINGLE PLANE Club Fitting Information


Its Not Magic. Or is it?

John Michael Hinton is an amazing magician, speaker, redhead – as his branding tells us. He is all those things and more…and no matter what you call him he is an incredibly entertaining stage performer. My wife Paula and I … Continue reading

What Makes A Good Teacher

By Tim Graves, PGA Have you tried to teach yourself? Have you tried to teach someone else golf – like your child, your wife, your husband? Have you ever taken a lesson from a professional? Have you ever attended a … Continue reading

Needy is Creepy

A few weeks ago I went to the local retail store of my mobile phone service provider (No names…but it might rhyme with Hey Bee & Bee) to provision my new iPhone which I had bought to replace my broken … Continue reading


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