Article by GGA Master Instructor and GGA Online Coach Clay Farnsworth, PGA

I’m sure that we have all heard that “Practice Makes Perfect”. By definition, practice is rehearsing a behavior over and over or engaging in an activity again and again for the sole purpose of improving or mastering it. I suggest to you all that what if we are practicing the wrong things/movements? How will you know? We say this in all of our schools. Doing drills incorrectly can actually make you worse all the while you are trying to improve. This is where the GGA Video Coaching Program fits in.

Eric B. attended our online school back in June 2013. He immediately signed up for the online coaching program. He emailed me what he was trying to do and we went to work. The first thing Eric did was send in a video of the Pivot Point Drill (aka PVC). A rough start for sure since there is many a student that we teach in person that have difficulty setting up the drill correctly, should I mention here that doing a drill incorrectly can actually do more harm than good?

Eric set the drill up in his basement. Placed all of his reference points correctly and was using the ABT as a guide as well. About every other week Eric would send in a video. He was slowly making progress and basically wouldn’t move on to a different position until he had mastered one. One thing I know for sure, the drill was set up perfectly each time. There are a couple of things I feel as though I need to say. I’m sure that Eric looked at his own videos several times before he sent one for review. There was a period of time that he waited for changes to start to take place before he sent in more videos to review.

We worked on this drill for about six months. That was when I really couldn’t see any flaws in how he was moving the PVC. He graduated to moving the club. This is always different since even though the drill has reference and checkpoints, they don’t always register as feelings while moving the club. Suffice it say, we are still working on perfecting club movement. Eric practices in front of a video camera to get feedback. He learned what he needs to look at and can check himself as often as he likes. He can always send in videos for review to get feedback from his GGA Coach.