It’s the off-season for golf. Your golf buddies are eating turkey and getting fat. I can’t think of a better time to get the edge on them. So get off the couch and let’s get practicing!

Students often ask how to improve their games in the off-season.And most of you who have participated in our instruction know that we strongly promote many types of practice away from the driving range – in your own home, even while you watch football.

We have quite a few options for working on your game in the winter. Here are some ideas:

1) always work on flexibility strength and fitness. Remember, you are an athlete if you play golf. Train like an athlete. See our “Flexibility and Exercise Video” for more information. Also “Improve your Move” Video is great for indoor training.
2) Practice positions in front of a mirror – all of the positions of the swing. You can learn the positions in “The Single Plane Solution” Video.
3) Find an indoor studio where you can hit balls into net. I suggest using video to look at your swing and compare to Moe and model the Single Plane Swing. Indoor – Net practice is great for making changes in the winter.
4) Practice your putting stroke on the grout lines in your kitchen.
5) Use the PVC Drill – found in our “SPS Drills = Making Feel Real” video. This teaches positions with the PVC.

Online Coaching

Finally, I can’t think of a better time to change you swing than in the winter. We can help. Become a member of our online coaching program – where you can send video of yourself practicing indoors to our coaches. They can review your practice and coach you to a better game – anytime and anywhere. Check it out here:

By the way, did you know you can get this coaching for free? That’s right. If you sign up for a Build Your Game Camp next year, you can receive online coaching for free. If you want to see the BYGC schedule for 2014, go here: