This was a quote from one of our students at the end of our recent Build Your Game Camp.

As I reflected on his statement, I came to the conclusion that this is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard when it comes to truly improving your game. In fact, this advice is profound; let me explain.

Think about what your course looks like when you go to practice:

  • The range is likely full of guys hacking away with their driver, hitting the ball all over the range
  • The putting/chipping green is likely empty, or sparsely populated
  • The practice bunker, if there is one, will look like the Mohave Desert. No one dare enter that evil place.
  • When the season is winding down, folks are putting the clubs away for the off season.

So my question to you is this: Are you just following along with those masses? Does your practice look like what I’ve described above?

If you truly want to achieve improvement in your game, in your scoring or in your swing, you must ‘swing against the current’. “Watch the Masses, Do the Opposite” and “Be Different”. Remember that, it will serve you well.

In our schools, Tim is always imploring our students to “Be Different”, and this is exactly what he’s talking about. As you likely know, or have experienced firsthand, the average golfers score has not improved a single stroke in over 20+ years!


Because the masses just don’t get it, they don’t practice correctly, they don’t practice the right things, or practice the correct way. They truly have no hope of improving.

It is for these reasons that our school programs are among the most vibrant and vital in the entire golf instruction industry. We think differently. We teach YOU to think differently, to practice differently.

It’s why we have schools at the end of the season for most golfers out West. It’s why students don’t hit balls on the first day of our schools.

Lastly, if you believe that the advice I’ve passed along to you from a golfer just like you, then attending a golf school program will really set you apart from the masses of ‘average’ golfers out there.  Statistics show that only about 1% of golfers every seek out formalized instruction. So if you truly want to do the opposite of the masses, then get yourself in a golf school program. That alone will set you apart from the struggling masses of average golfers out there.

Be Different my friends!