Bacon Strips not Pork Chops

I recently posted a video on youtube discussing Moe’s address position and the importance of Shaft lean into impact. I mentioned the importance of taking a divot and one of the comments on the post mentioned the following:

“But MOE never took a divot, or very rarely did he. He even said it himself”.

I replied: “Moe took divots albeit shallow. As Moe said “Bacon strips, not pork chops”.

Then he replied:

“Todd Graves – maybe sometimes but I can show you a video where he said he doesn’t take divots and that he could , “ put your Casio watch on the ground and I could hit off of it and not break the grass.” Also, I have seen many of his hitting clinics on video and he rarely ever takes a divot. He said he would sweep the grass.”

Let’s set the record straight.

While Moe might have said he didn’t take a divot, what he felt he did and what he actually did were quite different.  I have not doubt that Moe could have hit a golf ball off of a Casio watch face.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a divot.  Moe’s swing was perfectly shallow into impact.  He compressed the ball perfectly.  Yet, when the ball was on tight turf, he took a shallow divot.  Here are some pics that tell the story.

Moe NormanMoe Norman Front ViewOnce again, there is a difference between feel and real and you must be cautious between what you hear Moe say and what is actually happening. 


2 thoughts to “Bacon Strips not Pork Chops”

  1. So then why advocate for “normal” divots instead of shallow divots like Moe’s? He even ground the bottom of his irons flat to minimize interaction with the turf.

    1. Hi Michael,

      We do advocate for shallow divots like Moe’s. As you can see in the pictures above, the divots will vary in depth. There multiple factors that come into play that most people don’t take into account – the lie of the golf ball, type of grass, and ground conditions (wet, dry, hard, soft, etc).
      All 3 of Moe’s divots above are different because of these variable.

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