ALTIR – What makes a school Premier Part 2

December 15, 2016

Insider info on GGA Spring 2017 Premier schools:

  • 3 of the schools are sold out
  • 44% of all spaces sold
  • 3 day ALUMNI school added in Phoenix for Apr. 21st-23rd (1st and ONLY 3 day ALUMNI school in western U.S.)
  • 3 day school added for Apr. 21st-23rd in Orlando (will be taught by GGA Master Instructors)
  • All inclusive option (hotel and transportation) now available for schools & camps in Orlando and Phoenix
  • Individual bio-mechanical assessment, Dr. Rob Neal, will be available for students attending the Feb. 24th-26th school in Orlando
  • End of year school promotions are ending in 2 weeks!

What makes a golf school Premier?  Part 2 – ALTIR

In Part 2 of what makes a golf school Premier, I want to focus on a subject that at the outset may seem theoretical, but just go with me and it will all make sense soon!

In our Premier schools, we teach the full swing using an acronym – ALTIR. Here’s the scoop on what that actually means:GGAORL-1013

A – Address position (including grip)

L – Leveraging the club

T – Transitioning between backswing and downswing

I – Impact. Getting the club to ideal impact position

R – Release and Finish of the swing

We developed the ALTIR philosophy after teaching over 10,000 golfers in person. Boiled down to its essence, ALTIR is the order and direction that all golfers should work on their swings, or any part of their game for that matter. This process works for putting, chipping, wedge game – any part of your game.

So why is this process so important in application? It’s simple when you look at it objectively.

In all our years working with amateur golfers, we find that most golfers pick up a club and from the beginning start working on the Impact with the golf ball. And this continues for years and years, with the golfer developing a host of bad habits, incorrect movements and compensations in their swing motion. As a result of this focus in the middle of the process, many golfers develop chronic back pain, and inconsistency in their games that they cannot overcome.

In our Premier schools, we teach, and work every student through this ALTIR process, helping them identify deficiencies in each area, and then develop a plan to correct any deficiencies forever. It is only working through the ALTIR process that a golfer can see true and lasting improvement in consistency, alleviating back pain, and playing a better golf game.

To recap quickly, our ALTIR technology used in our Premier schools will help you work through each area of your game with a method for working on the right things, in the right order not only at your school, but after as well.

Join us for a Premier school this spring in Orlando or Phoenix, and you can experience the ALTIR process in person and see how it has transformed the games of thousands of single plane golfers through the years. In addition, we are still offering some great early bird specials for those that register before this Sunday, Dec. 18th.

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