Every so often, I like to have our students teach our students / future students. I believe there is no better advice to a student than advice from an alumnus who is well into their process of improvement. So, it’s that time again. Here are a few emails I have received in the past few weeks I’d like to share with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.


Email #1:

Good Day Tim,

Hope your family is doing well and that your son continues to progress with pitching; keep watching him to make sure he stays balanced.

What I love about this (GGA program) as a busy surgeon, is that I can practice daily without hitting a ball.

I do use the 6 iron training club to make sure grip is right and hit the impact bag; continue the PVC drill.

The coaching program is invaluable for feedback; I am just behind in getting a new video clip in.

I added the “7 Principles of Golf Improvement” DVD set to my library; a great adjunct to the coaching program, like having someone with me at all times.

I would recommend that every GGA student have this set in their library.

I have not gotten to play as much as I would like but hitting balls every week; short game as well-hitting crisp shots and putts.

I can tell you I am hitting some of most solid shots I have ever hit; just have to keep after it.

It is a matter of time before I put it all together.

I have never felt so good about the direction my game is heading.

Thank you GGA, will keep working.

I will do a 5-day school either later this year or early next year.

Stay well and keep up the great work.

Dr Vic K.


Email #2


Hello Gentlemen,

Jay C. here, to give some honest feedback.

First off, Tim, the irons are better than expected [Callaway XR OS Irons]. Your calculations are unreal in the results of my new clubs. I’m not taking a very big divot, but getting great height and distance with the ball. I’ve never hit a hybrid before and felt intimidated, but I put 3 shots to 200 with the #4, and 3 shots about 215-220 with the #3… 🙂 very nice.

Trent, your communications have been above normal of what the common business practices are today. I see why such a young man has a high, demanding position as you do. You’ve proven your integrity and professionalism.

Bart [Barnard/Phoenix Arizona], my analyzing coach! Your advice has made me want to invest into getting the enjoyment out of this great sport again. Seriously, before this year, may have golfed 30 times in the last 15 years, and 6 of those, not at all.

I always got stoked when I hit a nice drive, landed on the green with an approach shot, and of course a nice one putt. Bart, you’ve shown me with the video feedback what is necessary to practice on so I can maximize my game, and it works. I usually do not like homework/practice, etc., but this is very satisfying.

The reason I’m writing this is I was going to give up golf, and just convince myself it’s too expensive, takes too long, and blah, blah, blah. Then I saw a clip of Todd Graves with this easy to maintain swing for us guys in our 50s…and beyond. Todd, well if I had your email, really, thanks man. The webinar on August 2nd had a question come in about: “is this easy to switch from a conventional style swing?” Well from my brief experience with this swing change, no…BUT…the explanation Todd gave when he answered…When you implement all the stages, and practice the less moving parts, so to speak, as I found out today on the range with these new awesome clubs….YES, it works. It’s not that hard. It’s just like Todd, Tim, Trent, and Bart show you!

Not looking forward to being critiqued with my chipping and pitching I submitted today, (because I already seen some of my flaws, LOL), but I know any input instructions I receive will be totally beneficial to me enjoying this sport for the rest of my days. Also, one day soon, to be INVITED to play along with my 4 handicap son without him feeling like he has to. (LOL again!).

Stay informative, and don’t lose the drive to want to teach so many of us who were/are ready to give up this game because the OLD WAY only works for a small percentage of weekend golfers. Or as I was calling this game, “swing and swear”!


Jay C.


Email # 3

My name is Damion H. C…. and I recently attended the SPE in Denver, CO with Scott Renfrow, Shannon and Chris.

I started looking into the single plane swing two years ago and thought I was doing pretty well with the mechanics; however, one does not know what one does not know until they are in front of a coach, which the SPE provided.

I learned a great deal from Scott, Shannon and Chris and am thankful to your organization for bringing this school to Denver. Scott, Shannon and Chris definitely are subject matter experts and provided me with real-time feedback, body position and swing adjustment suggestions that helped me understand the mechanics of the single plane swing more in depth.

I also appreciated the tips on chipping, pitching and putting and have implemented what I learned just last night! Shot an improved round of golf last night and feel more confident in know where my shots are going, knowing what to look at as far as adjusting when my most do not go straight and feel better about chipping, pitching and putting.

I also appreciated the customized measurements Scott took, as this will help get into a set of clubs that are customized for me.

Thanks again to entire the GGA staff and personnel for making these SPEs possible.


Damion H. C….


Again, hope you enjoyed these emails from some of our GGA alumni.

As always, we encourage emails from you anytime – whether it’s a little advice, some help, or just to answer a few questions, we are always happy to help your golf game with whatever you need.