A “Pat on the Back”

From Don D.


I renewed my Gold membership which expires in December and got 3 training aids.  One was the Excalibur putting training aid.
I gave up keeping score about 10 years ago…still play a lot and I can  usually tell you how many birdies I may have but can’t tell you my total score.  After the par putt, I just don’t count and don’t care.  Yeah I am weird.
But it was all due to the fact I got so mad at missing 4 -5 foot par putts.  The “would of / should of” thinking at the end of the round was taking the pleasure out so I quit keeping score and I now enjoy playing.  I need to really go to school as I am having problems with the swing and I plan to next spring or maybe this November.
But why I am writing is I want to let you know how much the excalibur helped.  I spent a lot of time working on it Monday night and was able to pretty much consistently get it off the end when I was done.  I played this morning and had 7 consecutive one putts including 2 fairly long up a tier putts with 3 foot breaks.  I ended up with 11 putts on the front and 14 on the back.  My ball striking really wasn’t good ( I only had 2 birdies, but were consecutive)  but it was still fun putting.  Even told my playing partners that I was insulted when they didn’t give me the 18 foot putt I had on 8. I mean I had just one putted the last 7 greens. I missed, but it was a misread.
Anyway, the game is more fun when you don’t miss 4-5 foot putts and I missed none.
Well done on the training aid and thanks.

Donald J D. (Tacoma, WA)

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