It took a trip to the PGA Show, and saw the usual stuff, adjustable game improvement equipment, teaching gadgets and new club head design. Then, after 18 years of attending the show, I saw a number of companies dedicated to golf improvement through wellness and fitness as the foundation to improvement and I realized something – people are finally “getting it”. Why do I think this?  Let me explain.

Health and fitness are more than the super muscular super-athlete on the cover of a Sports magazine. Fitness is about health of internal organs and movement which is related to flexibility and strength.


Movement of your limbs and all parts of your body is as simple as muscles designed to move bones. The bones are joined with ligaments throughout the body with various types of hinges with various ranges of movement. To be healthy, you must have healthy bones, healthy muscles and healthy ligaments.

The magic to staying healthy can be summed up into one word – Move.

Unhealthy people don’t move and healthy people do.

Another part of health is internal health or organ healthy. Much of organ health can be summed up by nutrition and the stuff we put into our bodies through our mouth. What we eat produces blood chemistry which supplies nutrients to our body. If you supply your body with healthy nutrients, your body stays healthy, if you eat junk food, you starve your organs of nutrients and eventually they will deteriorate.

My oversimplification of health is only to point out the changes I have seen happening in the world of golf. The aging golfers of the world are paying attention to their health needs – longevity is becoming a factor and with it the desire to play golf.

This focus on heath, wellness and movement has a particular effect on golf instruction where now I am beginning to see instruction more “cause” focused rather than effect focused. What this means is that golfers are getting smarter and realizing that new equipment can only take them so far – but getting healthy, flexible and strong is the root cause of most golf swing issues.

If I have my wish, we will end up in a world where “training” is perceived as valuable as new set of clubs and training regimens will become refined to help golfers of all levels build healthier golf games – as opposed to just quick fixes.

I am excited to see these changes in the thinking of the golf market. No longer is the main focus on the strength and youth of the young golfers who are playing on the PGA Tour – golf is finally paying attention to a majority who play the game – the golfer over 60. This is good for golf and good for you and me – because we all have one thing in common – we are not getting any younger.