By GGA Master Instructor Clay Farnsworth, PGA


WOW, 2015 already! I know that many of you throughout the country are suffering from cold and nasty weather. Many of you are taking advantage of this “indoor” time to work on your games through our GGA Winter Series. For those of you that are not familiar with the program check out our web page to see what it’s is all about. Trent White and Chandler Rusk are doing a bang up job in helping our students reach their potential all year long.

I also had another thought on something that you can do during this time, read. Todd’s book “The Single Plane Golf Swing” out now, is a must read of course. In addition to that, we have another couple of selections that might interest you. Dan Coyle wrote one called “The Talent Code” and the other is called “The Little Book of Talent 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills”. They deal mostly with how we learn and what it takes for true change to take place. These books are easy reading and will hopefully give you some insight into lasting change.

As your coach, I want the best for all of you. In order to make that happen, self-reflection is important. I’m practicing what I preach to each of you as I write this. I’ve been learning to swing like Moe since 2004. I use video almost every time that I practice. Many of those swings end up on the cutting-room floor, so to speak. I look at them and even before I compare them to Moe… Trash Can. I know what it is supposed to look like and when it doesn’t, sometimes frustration sets in. I’m sure that many of you can relate. But, when I look at where I started and where I have come, I can appreciate where practice has brought me.

Many of you are using video to help you improve your game. The students that are achieving the most success are taking things slowly and working on one thing at a time. That’s what I’m doing right now myself. Look at what needs improvement and go after it. So let’s get out there and in 2015 and make a New Year’s Resolution to accomplish all that we can…one swing thought at a time. I promise that I’ll do the same!

Captain Vid Over and Out!