I’m Tim Graves, PGA, Co-Founder of the Graves Golf Academy and I wanted to say thank you for your interest in the Graves Golf Academy and the Single Plane Golf Swing.

I wanted to give you what we believe is the essential information about your single plane golf swing and the Graves Golf Academy.

We believe the quickest way to improvement and understanding the Single Plane Golf Swing is the Single Plane Academy Inner Circle.

We got this question/comment often and wanted to make sure you understand the difference between having access to your purchased training in the Single Plane Academy and being a MEMBER of the Single Plane Academy Inner Circle.


Single Plane Academy Inner Circle membership benefits include the following:

(Members get the following):

(Members get the following):


Instruction Gallery: 30+ instructional topics from the grip to downswing to creating leverage to impact, how to create more distance, etc. Over 300+ pictures and instruction in this gallery.


Moe Norman Archived Videos: 16 online videos (averaging 1 hour per video: 15+ hours) of live Moe ball striking demonstrations, interviews with Moe, Moe performing clinics.

Single Plane Fundamentals (NG): 15 video clips (averaging 30 minutes each) discussing Single Plane fundamentals vs. Conventional fundamentals (club fitting, set up, grip, address, impact…)

7 Principles of Golf – 7 Online Videos (averaging 1.5 HOURS per video – OVER 10 HOURS) teaching the Full Swing, Short game & Putting, Club Fittings, Playing, Practicing and Thinking on Golf Course (We call this our Golf School in a Box…)


Before and After – 16 Videos of us working with fellow students – their swings before a lesson/school and swings after with our discussion on their change (helps many to see).


Fitness and Exercise: 23 Video Clips (averaging 15 minutes each) discussing specific Single Plane Golf Exercises from core strength exercises to Lower Back Relief Exercises to preround stretching to wrist flexion exercises to Fitness and Nutrition.


Caddie Clips: 18 Video Clips (averaging 4 minutes each) discussing on course situations from hitting over a tree, around a tree, alignment, how to beat out of a divot, buried bunker shot, downhill shots, reading greens, etc.


Moe vs. Pros: 5 Online Videos are comparing Moe’s swing to touring pros including Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker, Rocco Mediate and others.


Range Practice Tips – 9 Video Clips of (each averaging 5 minutes) discussing practice tips (on range practice tips) from focus, to motivation to feelings.


Webinars: 100+ Private Instructional Webinars (starting January of 2009) (at least 1 per month and each over 1 hour long: 100+ Hours) covering EVERY topic of the Graves Golf Academy. From indoor practice to every part of the full swing to short game to how to practice to special guests discussing specific golf related topics, etc.


Inner Circle Rewards: Monthly members earn $10 per month (credit) toward future golf schools, and Annual members earn $120 per year toward future golf schools. Credit DOES NOT expire as long as regular membership.


Products (Training Aids and Instructional Material) – Members receive discounts on all training aids and instructional material. For example, the Pre-Christmas special was 40% off any and all training aids and products. Callaway Epic Driver introductory offer of 10% off driver offered only to members. Specials every week.


Facebook – Private Facebook Page for Inner Circle Members only. Where members can see everything FIRST, talk to other. Single Plane Academy Golfers, speak directly to GGA Master Instructors, get the best deals on GGA instruction, etc.…


Newsletters – Single Plane Academy Inner Circle members only newsletter. Sent the 3rd Monday of every month and listed all the upcoming promotions and Single Plane Academy specials for members ONLY.


Specials / Significant Discounts – ALL DVD products, All Schools, All training aids, All Master Classes, All specialty events – a discount (significant) for Single Plane Academy Inner Circle members only.


Private Webinars – Once a month (sometimes twice) – a private live instructional webinar (1 hour + long) for Inner Circle members just covering ALL Single Plane instruction topics. These webinars are recorded and stored in the webinar section of the Inner Circle, so members have access to them forever (as long as a member).


Priority Access – By email or phone to the Graves Golf Academy Master Instructors (including Tim and Todd Graves). 100s of calls and emails come into the GGA every day – Inner Circle members get priority access, and all emails/calls will be answered and returned within 12 hours (typically faster.)

These are just some of the benefits, instructional material, etc.. that Single Plane Inner Circle Members receive.

And finally – everyone one of these above categories are routinely updated. More webinars added, more caddie clips added, more Moe vs. Pros videos added, more Moe Norman clinics added, more Range Practice tips, etc. etc.

This is where we store our instructional and exciting information about the Single Plane Swing and Short Game and Moe Norman.

This is the MOST UPDATED information about golf instruction you will find ANYWHERE!


If you would like to be a member of the Single Plane Academy Inner Circle – price is $27 per month.

That’s it now. And will not increase (if you join now).

This is the Winter Special Pricing.  If you join now – it will never increase – you are “grandfathered” in on this price. 

If interested, you can do one of three things:
1. Can join online at: CLICK HERE
2. Can watch a webinar I produced (about 35 minutes long) about the Single Plane Academy Inner Circle at: CLICK HERE
Please let me know if interested – happy to help with whatever you need.
3. Reply back to this email timg@moenormangolf.com“I Want to Join” and I will contact you with membership information.  We will discuss membership options.
Becoming a member is BY FAR the largest step you will take in improving your single plane golf game (we have 1,000s of members – you can meet them and talk to them through facebook and other membership portals when you become a member if interested.)
PS – There is no “minimal” membership – meaning if you are questioning – join for one month, if works for you – GREAT.  If not, contact us anytime and we will cancel your membership.
Tim Graves, PGA
Graves Golf Academy Co-Owner
2011, 2014, 2106 WC / SCS PGA Teacher of the Year
(405)562-9225 (Outside US)
If you would like more information, please fill out and submit:


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