I had the pleasure of leading a 2-day Single Plane Experience in Houston, TX recently with teammate and GGA Master Instructor Trent White, PGA. Trent and I had 11 students in attendance for the program, and despite some humid weather (is it ever NOT humid in Houston?), the school was just a fabulous experience.

The 11 golfers in attendance ranged from folks who’d been swinging on a Single Plane for over a decade, to golfers just getting their first taste of the efficient simplicity of the Single Plane.

After the school had concluded, the stories of a few of the students just stuck in my mind, and I thought them noteworthy enough to share.

The first was a gentleman who was north of age 68. In chatting with him over the 2-day program, I learned that he had just picked up the game a few years back. When I asked him about why the Single Plane Swing interested him, his response was common, but profound, “The swing just makes sense to me. And after I tried it, I found it was like a gift that keeps giving.”

I asked him to expand what he meant by “a gift that keeps giving”. He further explained that the swing was easy to understand, and even with his limited knowledge of the swing, the simplicity of it let him experience results quickly and become more consistent.

Being the teacher that I’ve become, I asked him how he felt having completed the school. His response was one I’ve heard often, but it never gets old, “I’m so excited about what I can actually do with my game now.”

The second was a couple from West Texas. I was able to share lunch with them on the first day, and during lunch, we chatted about their golf experiences. These folks were just great, they travel around the country, where ever the wind blows them, and just play golf together.

During that lunch, they shared with me that they had been to several golf schools over the years, but one in particular captured my attention. They had attended a school in Myrtle Beach with a very well-known instructor, a PGA tour player, and one other instructor. During that school, they told me that while the “names” where there, they received so little personalized instruction and were grouped with 10 other golfers with just one instructor, that the experience ended up not being a good one at all.

At the end of the school I asked them as well how they had enjoyed the experience, and they both simply asked when they could come to another school. They were genuinely excited about the prospects for their games.

It is one of the great joys of our golf school programs, and despite seeing these reactions from students at every school program, I always take great satisfaction in the ability of the Single Plane Schools to give those who attend a gift that keeps on giving.

If you’ve never had the experience of a GGA school, or are eager to experience one again, our schedule is always updated on the Event Calendar page of the site.

To your improved game,