A Destination or a Journey?

At last weeks 3-day school, I was sitting and chatting with one of the students, Henry, at the conclusion of the first day.

As I normally do, I like to find out about our school students, about their careers, their golf games, etc. In our conversation, I discovered that Henry designs and implements training programs for adults. Intrigued by this discovery, I started questioning him about the process of training, or changing behavior, of adults as our business, is very much about helping adults train.

Throughout the conversation, I discovered several reasons why are golf school programs are raved about by the students who attend. In addition, I picked up some insights on how we can do a better job in helping our golfers better grasp the concepts and information presented in the schools. I was pleased, excited and hopeful all at the same time about how our school programs help golfers find success, but also new ways, improvements we can make to help even more.

Henry and I chatted for a good while about training, how adults’ process information, how presenters can be more effective, etc., however, near the end of the conversation, Henry made a comment that floored me.

 “Training is a process, NOT an event.”

I have to admit I lost sleep that night thinking about that.

In our culture today, we are very “event” or “result” focused.  If you think about that, I believe you’d agree.

In most aspects of our culture today, what has become important to us is the event, NOT the journey. We just want to get to our destinations as quickly and conveniently as possible; the journey to that destination is no longer enjoyable, it’s no longer considered important.

I find this especially true in the game of golf. Watch the golf channel and you’ll see shows titled “The Golf Fix”.  Read golf magazines and you’ll find a quick fix for anything that ails you.  Even equipment manufacturers have joined the game, touting equipment to solve your ball flight issues.

I’m not saying these things aren’t useful in some contexts, however, what I believe has been lost in the game of golf is the art form, the connection to training your body and mind. Golf has become about “events” to fix your game and has ignored the “Process”.

I see this often in our golf schools. Students come to the Single Plane Swing looking for a quick cure for their games, and what we offer is the Process of not only curing their games but also helping them own their games. There is a disconnect between what the golfer has been conditioned to want for their games (the quick fix, the event) and the tried and true solution we offer (the process).

Our biggest challenge in training our golfers is convincing them that the quick fix, the event, will never help them reach the levels they desire consistently and that the cure, the process, is the long term solution.

In our school programs, I hear Tim encourage our students to “be different” regularly. I couldn’t agree more with that comment for those trying to make lasting improvements to their games.

“Being different” in the game of golf, especially for amateurs, means focusing on the process of improvement, and using the events, like schools, lessons, etc. as markers along the journey.

From my personal experience, and from seeing it time and time again with our golfers, those who learn to approach their improvement as the process and not as a one-time event, the sky is the limit on how good you can get at this game.

So how far do you want to go?

When you attend a GGA school, you will often hear one of our instructors say something to this effect;

“Every person here can become a scratch golfer.”

This statement is more about the system or process GGA has developed for you, and less about any magic bullet or tip one of our instructors can give you.  You see, I know firsthand that the process works 100% of the time it’s followed, the question is this –

Will you choose the event, or embrace the process?

One choice leads to endless searching for the next fix, the other to the best golf of your life.  Make the next event, whether it be a golf school or video instruction, be the starting point on your journey, follow the process, and you will achieve levels you’ve only dreamed of.

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