By GGA Master Instructor and Cap’n Video himself, Clay Farnsworth, PGA

I have dubiously inherited the nickname seen above, Cap’n Vid. As you can see, I have shortened it a bit in the hopes of not getting in trouble with the REAL Captain Video, as we all know that he can never be replaced.

I trust and hope that all of our students out there are doing well and that their sports teams of choice are doing better than mine at the moment (Michigan State just suffered a big loss to Ohio State). Most, if not all of you guys know that Tim uses statistics to help compare what the averages are in the short game and Todd, frequently uses different metrics to help run the GGA marketing and other departments. I thought about using metrics too, but I took a slightly different approach.

On average, an NFL or College football game lasts about 185 minutes. During that time eleven minutes is actual playing time. Sixty minutes for commercials, as we all need to keep up on the latest and greatest stuff, seventy-five minutes watching huddles or coaches on the sidelines. Another twenty-four minutes is the average spent on replays. I won’t insult anyone’s math skills here but just say the balance of the time is sideline reporters, cheerleaders, fans, etc. You get the picture.

Here are a few more statistics that I found doing my “research”. The average American, (not to leave out our other students worldwide) watches television an average of 278 minutes a day. Another 173 minutes are spent online, and believe it or not, 92 minutes are listening to the radio. These statistics are a couple of years old but, suffice it to say, they help prove my point.

I know what you are thinking. Obviously, I have too much time on my hands. But I really am headed somewhere with all of this…a challenge. Carve some of that valuable time out of your day and devote it to practice, especially those of you who live someplace where it is not possible to get outside all of the time. Let’s use this time to work on our flexibility. Most of the exercises on the DVD “Flexibility and Exercise” can be done while watching a game. How about using that time to work on your grip or set up? Do some PVC work and even video yourself during one of those breaks in the action.

So, you get my point. As in a lot of our areas in our lives, where we focus is where we improve. Have a great month and I hope to see a lot more of you on my computer. Cap’n Vid…OUT!