As you may know, GGA Premier schools are held at locations all across the country, but there’s 1 location that GGA looks forward to every year – Las Vegas in the Fall.

While Premier schools are similar regardless of location, here are 5 Reasons you don’t want to miss out on Las Vegas this year:

  1. Location – Las Vegas is easy to get to from about every corner of the planet. Also, the weather in the fall is just about as good as you will find anywhere, mild temps, lots of sun, very little wind. Couple those factors with the ease of finding anything¬† you want in Las Vegas, and it’s the perfect golf get away location.
  2. It’s the end of golf season – There is absolutely no better time to attend instruction and make changes to your game than in the off season. Bar none. Let’s be completely frank here, you will leave instruction with things to work, full swing, putting, & wedge game. There is no better time to focus on making changes than when you aren’t under the pressure to put a score on the card. It’s why you see the pros working on their games this time of the year!
  3. Facility – The Revere at Anthem Golf club that hosts are schools is ideal. You will be treated to awe inspiring views of the Vegas strip and surrounding mountains from the private range, you’ll experience 1st class treatment when the course shuts down the short game practice facility for you, and the staff at Revere are true professionals all the way.
  4. Only Once – Unfortunately, GGA Premier schools are only in Las Vegas for one brief stint each year. Then you have to be frustrated with your game for an entire year before the schools are back. Don’t waste another year!
  5. You work one on one with the GGA owners – As the Single Plane continues to spread around the country, no the world, opportunities for you to work directly, one on one, with Todd and Tim Graves will be come harder and harder to come by. The Premier schools are filling fuller and faster than ever before in GGA’s history, and time with Todd and Tim is becoming more and more of a rare commodity.

See you in Vegas!