23 Handicap to Under Par in 6 Months

To: Brock <Single Plane Academy Director>

From:  Ron Lucero

Thank you for your support.

As it turns out you were right on the money! That Under PAR round was not fair off at all.
I would of never dreamed it was possible to shoot an under PAR Round.
I started this season with a round of 109 and a Handicap of 23.5

I went to work with the single plane swing in February <6 months ago> and have trained hard.
It has been an incredible journey watching my scores continue to drop.
I played the best round of my life. I shot a beautiful 2 under PAR 70 at Remuda Golf Course this morning.
I can’t tell you how much I owe it to you and Tim and Todd for what you are doing with the Single Plane Swing.
This has been a dream come true for me and my game. Thank you so much!
I want to thank all of the coaches that have helped me as well with my videos.
I will continue to learn and train hard, lots of things to work on and get better at.
I hope that someday I can come to a school and maybe thank you guys in person.
That would be a huge dream come true and goal I will set for myself.

Tell Tim and Todd my story.
I got this chip from my golf club today for my first ever Under PAR Round!

Ron Lucero <Single Plane Academy Member>

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