2016 – A year to Remember

Like a 300 yard drive – the year has flown by. As we head into 2017 it is fun to look back at some of GGA’s greatest moments of 2016.

Additions to the GGA Team

First we have to recognize additions to the greatest golf instruction team in the world – Shannon Friday and Pat Jenkins. Both Shannon and Pat are highly respected professionals with years of teaching experience. Shannon has taken the role of the Director of the Single Plane Experience School Programs helping GGA expand our brand to more markets across the United States. With over 40 years of experience as one of the leading club fitters in the golf industry, Pat has helped bring Callaway Golf Fitting to the forefront of GGA. You will see and hear more from Shannon and Pat next year. I would like to take this time to give them a round of applause and a warm welcome to the Team.

Milestones of 1 Million  and 10,000 for GGA Schools

After 16 years, 1 Million people traveled through our websites to learn about Moe Norman and the Single Plane swing. As these people learned more, GGA reached a milestone of teaching over 10,000 people in golf schools. We are proud to be able to be able to say that we are changing the game “One Student at a Time” and helping golfers have more fun.  Here is the “GGA TEAM” promotional video we put together. I get pumped up and want to go teach more people every time I watch it!

Also, let me give a shout to Keenan Garett for putting together this great video. Thanks Keenan. (You will see Keenan behind the camera at our webinars. Well you won’t see him but he’s there).

Laws of Simplicity

If you’ve been riding along with me for the past few years, you know how much I’ve been researching Moe’s swing. I’ve been digging in to exactly why his swing is so great. I have been quantifying Moe’s greatness. I took what I learned and produced one of my favorite video projects ‘The Laws of Simplicity”. Working with one of my favorite people in the golf world Dr. Rob Neal of Golf Biodynamics, he helped me discover and explain Moe’s biomechanics in language that we can all understand. In the process of explanation, I get to take Single Plane Instructor Chandler Rusk and rip him apart!  Well, not really. I actually pull his conventional swing apart and then, with the help of Dr. Neal, I put him back together with a Single Plane. In the process I discovered that the swing has a proper order starting at the Foundation. Then you must work on the Positions, Transition and then you can finally Sequence it all together. I absolutely love this video and it was so much fun working with Dr. Neal.

You can see the video promo here:

Proof of Greatness – New Moe Norman Footage

In the same Laws of Simplicity video, there is a second video titled “Proof of Greatness”. Thanks to never before seen footage of Moe Norman provided by my good friend Mark Evershed, we get to see and hear Moe talk about his golf swing. In Proof of Greatness, Mark wanted to show the world exactly how great Moe really was. Moe consistently hits dozens of drivers into the fairway and fires at least fifty wedge shots within feet of the hole like the ball-striking machine I often saw when I played with him. You also get to see an “overhead” view of Moe’s swing. I guarantee this is the first video every taken of Moe from this angle. Here is a sample pic from the video of Moe hitting a four wood.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.12.41 PM












The GGA Short Game Masterclass

Students raved about the 6 week GGA Short Game Masterclass. Personally, I think this was one of my brother’s masterpieces of instruction. Why do I think it was a masterpiece? Because after 16 years of teaching with GGA my brother has truly perfected the art of teaching the short game. He holds nothing back and displays his talents in this amazing class. Tim’s instruction is beautifully clear, precise and effective. I believe that the GGA Masterclass is one of the best highlights of 2016.

Here is one video sample of the GGA Masterclass – the chipping checkpoints.

If you enjoy this video, you will love the entire class.

The Single Plane Trainer

It took a few years but in November we introduced one of our most demanded products – the Single Plane Trainer. The Single Plane Trainer is a trainer developed after spending years attempting to Model Moe Norman’s swing movement. My goal was to find a way to “feel” what Moe felt. In doing so I discovered that there was a relationship between the body and the golf club.  I labeled this connection of club to the body – the pivot point. I discovered this point by using a broom stick to attach the “stick” to my body. When I attached it correctly I finally felt the connection – and the movement exactly matched Moe Norman’s golf swing. Training this pivot point connection became the core of GGA position training but holding a broomstick or piece of PVC had a problem. It didn’t help feel Moe’s grip position. The Broomstick, PVC and Training Grip evolved into one of GGA’s greatest training tools – the GGA Single Plane Trainer. The GGA Single Plane Trainer is definitely GGA’s product of the year for 2016

Check out Tim teaching the benefits and use of the trainer here:

GGA Australia

G’day Mate. We couldn’t finish the year without going down under. This year I took Moe Norman around the world, launching GGA Australia. It just so happened that the National Golf Publication of Australia put Moe on the cover of their magazine. With the help of our Australian Team of Ron and Blade Cruickshank, GGA has now been “hands-on” with almost 100 students in the Gold Coast of Australia. Now we can reach the thousands Aussies who are Moe Norman Fans as we move the schools further north to Melbourne and Sydney. Here is picture of the cover of the magazine and the video of my interview while I was doing an exhibition in Australia.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 7.24.03 PM














Click Here to watch the interview.


These were just a few of the highlights of an incredible year. I can’t with for 2016 to get started. I’m headed to Orlando in January – I hope to see you there. Maybe YOU can be a highlight for 2017.




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