The 1.5 Drill

To see the GGA’s latest webinar (with the 1.5 drill): Aug 2008 WebinarSpeed, Path, Angle of Approach and consistency. This describes the most important moment of a golf

swing: Impact. All great golf swings return to impact correctly. This is the importance of the 1.5 drill.

The 1.5 drill is just another way that we, the Graves Golf Academy, have worked with the PVC drill and the training club to show you how to deliver the club into impact. But I will also let you in on a little secret.

The 1.5 drill teaches you timing – the exact timing of Moe Norman’s golf swing.

Let me ask you a question. Since you have been working on Moe Norman’s simple golf swing, have you been trying to shorten your golf swing or feel that you take the club back too far?

If you have seen yourself on video, I know that when you see your golf swing you consistently say “I can’t believe I took it back that far, I can’t feel it.”

The reason you can’t feel it is that the swing is happening so quickly that to shorten your backswing, you can’t think that fast.

The 1.5 drill is a solution for this problem.

Here is how it works:

The training club with the extension revolves around the pivot point to position 1, as you pass position 1 and begin to move half way between position 1 and position 2, the hands begin to hinge. You will notice that the extension will point directly at the ball. As you notice this happening, you must begin the downward motion of the hands. As you begin the downward motion, the club moves through position 1.5 to position 2. The AMAZING result is that you actually reach position 2.

Why does this happen?

Because the golf swing is dynamic – moving. It is your hands and arms that move the handle of the golf club. The hand and arm movement initiate all movement of the swing and body. Therefore, when you begin moving the handle and reach the positions where the club is on plane (position 1.5), the hands are still moving. Once the club is on plane then it is a matter of returning the club into impact with speed.

This “timing” is exactly why, if you start swinging at the same time as Moe, Moe will reach impact before many of you will reach the top of your backswing.

The timing of the golf swing is “handle movement” which means the timing of the golf swing is directly related to how you move your hands.

So, learn the correct movements of the 1.5 drill and get out there and Swing Like Moe.


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