Email from GGA Alumnus (Feb. 2nd, 2017)

Tim & Todd,

As I reflect on my recent experience at your Orlando 3-day school, I recognize that I am more confident and enthusiastic about my golf game than ever. As a former 90 percenter who’s received instruction from various teachers over the years, why do I feel this way? Simply put, I have been armed with an action plan, and I can assure you this has been absent from my prior experiences.

Your school was organized, thoughtful, thorough, professional, personal and passionate. This type of excellence is not easily found in the world today and I appreciated everything from your depth of knowledge of the swing, equipment, technology, training aids and even the travel arrangements and food. In addition, your team to a man was equal to the standard that you’ve set. Your school was first class and worthy of my time away from work, family and the expense incurred.

I’ve set some stretch goals this year that are important to me. Thank you for providing a very realistic opportunity to achieve them as a result of my enrollment in the school and coaching program.

It’s my move.


Don 10