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Fundamental, Why, Practice and Check Points

Tim Graves, PGA The first morning of our schools and camps I (Tim) talk to the students about what they are about to go through.   One of the topics is the process of learning and how to get the most out of the school.  This process is the same we all need to ...

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Be Different!

Scott Renfrow This was a quote from one of our students at the end of our recent Build Your Game Camp. As I reflected on his statement, I came to the conclusion that this is one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard when it comes to truly improving your game.  ...

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Pre-Shot Routine

Tim Graves, PGA This time of year, I assume most of you are getting on the golf course - maybe practicing a little less and playing a little more?  Or maybe both, practicing and playing? As you start to get on the course more, worrying about the swing less and more about course management, ...

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Using Your ABT and a Yardstick

Tim Graves, PGA Many times, after our school day ends, myself (Tim) and a few of my assistants (typically Chandler..) will practice a little before we call it a day.  After our school this past weekend, Chandler and myself stepped outside our academy and  hit a few balls.  During our practice session, I ...

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