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The Important Clubs

Tim Graves, PGA This time of year I (Tim) typically get a chance to play in a few tournaments.  Seems each time I play those rounds that "mean a little more", it always reminds me of what is really important in the bag.   Meaning - what is really important to scoring. Thought I'd talk ...

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Little Things That are Big Things

Tim Graves, PGA It is always interesting to talk to our students after the schools.  Often we get a common response from the student(s) - they come to the school expecting to have "Big Things" to work on in their swing and it really comes down to what they consider the "Little Things". The ...

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Fundamental, Why, Practice and Check Points

Tim Graves, PGA The first morning of our schools and camps I (Tim) talk to the students about what they are about to go through.   One of the topics is the process of learning and how to get the most out of the school.  This process is the same we all need to ...

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Be Different!

Scott Renfrow This was a quote from one of our students at the end of our recent Build Your Game Camp. As I reflected on his statement, I came to the conclusion that this is one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard when it comes to truly improving your game.  ...

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