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I told you so – Bryson DeChambeau

Todd Graves Dear conventional golfers and teachers, I’m having an “I told you so” moment. I have to admit, it feels pretty good. For over 20 years I have been answering your questions and your doubts regarding the Single Plane Swing and its validity. Questions such as: “Why isn’t anyone on tour ...

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Fun On Course Games

Tim Graves, PGA This time of year I like to get on the course as much as I can.   Many times I get out after work, before work, late evenings, pretty much any time I can squeeze in a few holes.  Most of the time I am playing by myself as I like ...

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The Important Clubs

Tim Graves, PGA This time of year I (Tim) typically get a chance to play in a few tournaments.  Seems each time I play those rounds that "mean a little more", it always reminds me of what is really important in the bag.   Meaning - what is really important to scoring. Thought I'd talk ...

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Little Things That are Big Things

Tim Graves, PGA It is always interesting to talk to our students after the schools.  Often we get a common response from the student(s) - they come to the school expecting to have "Big Things" to work on in their swing and it really comes down to what they consider the "Little Things". The ...

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