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Being Different is Good

Tim Graves, PGA We have discussed this before, but I am constantly reminded and want to bring up again and again and again when I watch "typical" golfers practice at local ranges and golf courses.... the importance of being DIFFERENT than the typical / average golfer. First - want to remind you of a ...

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Playing Winter Lies

Tim Graves, PGA It's getting that time of year again (or at least close to that time of year again for most...) As always with this time of year, it is a much different game than that in the summer or even spring. The main difference is the lies you get. Yes, some of ...

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The Lob Wedge

Tim Graves, PGA The Lob Wedge – Making Your “Worst Enemy” Your “Best Friend” First, I want to say, I believe the lob wedge is one of your most important clubs in your bag. In fact, I believe it is the 3rd most important club in your bag (refer to past etips for #1 (Putter) ...

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10 Tips to Help You Make Swing Changes

Tim Graves, PGA Thought I'd give a little review of some tips we believe will help when trying to make swing changes. You must ENJOY the process of making changes and you must COMMIT to the process. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they “weren’t sure” if this swing ...

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