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10 Tips to Help You Make Swing Changes

Tim Graves, PGA Thought I'd give a little review of some tips we believe will help when trying to make swing changes. You must ENJOY the process of making changes and you must COMMIT to the process. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they “weren’t sure” if this swing ...

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Short Game Rules

Tim Graves, PGA I wrote this this article a while back - surprised me how many students at our schools don't remember or use.  Thought I'd publish again for all those who haven't seen before - and definitely won't hurt to read again. When you are around the green and determining what type of ...

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5 Reasons You Don’t want to Miss Las Vegas!

Scott Renfrow As you may know, GGA Premier schools are held at locations all across the country, but there's 1 location that GGA looks forward to every year - Las Vegas in the Fall. While Premier schools are similar regardless of location, here are 5 Reasons you don't want to miss out on ...

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Putter Fitting – Make More Putts..

Tim Graves, PGA Putter Fitting – There are 4 areas to consider when being fit for a new putter (or when considering a new putter). Length of the putter. Your putter needs to be short enough that you can get your eyes over the golf ball at set up (putting line) and long enough that it ...

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