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The 3 Ps of Putting Revisited

Tim Graves, PGA After last weeks Practice Tip Article "Putt Your Way to A Great Golf Swing" - I received many emails and calls about our recommended Putting Fundamentals, Practice Set Up, Putting System, etc...   So, thought it would help many to republish an etip article published a few years ago: THE 3 Ps ...

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Putt Your Way To a Great Swing

Tim Graves, PGA Hope many of you got to see my webinar last Wednesday - April 15th. During that webinar I discussed how working on your short game (putting, chipping and pitching), if done properly, can and will dramatically improve your long game. Had GREAT response during and after the webinar.  To be honest, didn't ...

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The Frustrations of a Golf Coach

Scott Renfrow By GGA Master Instructor, Clay Farnsworth, PGA March madness has almost come and passed us by. There were some great games in spite of what some commentators have called “parity”. Even teams that were said to be the greatest of all time, comparatively speaking, can collapse and lose. I was recently watching ...

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Saving My Body – Graphite Shafting

Tim Graves, PGA Saving My Body – Graphite Shafts During the club fitting session at our schools, we get a lot of questions about club shafting, in particular – graphite vs. steel shafts. When answering I like to always tell a story from personal experience. Many years ago (just over 20) I was playing in a ...

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