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What’s Up With Tiger?

Tim Graves, PGA What’s Up With Tiger?   It’s Not His Long Game That is the Issue Many of you have watched Tiger the past few weeks, watched him struggle on the golf course and I am sure you have heard a thousand reasons why Tiger isn’t playing to his past ability. So, I am going ...

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The Right Way to Learn

Scott Renfrow by GGA Master Instructor Clay Farnsworth, PGA All too often I have students that show up for a lesson. I’d recap what we’d covered from the previous session only to have the student say that they didn’t have time to practice. Most people don’t feel they are practicing unless they are ...

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Back in Motion in 2015

Todd Graves Following a few months of Oklahoma cold weather, it was refreshing to get back into the swing of the golf schools. The Graves Golf Academy team delivered our first golf school for 2015 giving twenty-two students a start for a great new golfing year. Each school brings new opportunities to ...

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Six Key Differences in Moe’s Address

Tim Graves, PGA (Exert from The Single Plane Golf Swing / Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way Book) By:  Todd Graves 1.  Moe's Legs Were Straight This builds a stable foundation - or what I call an A-frame - for the swing day after day.  One of the issues with the traditional swing is how ...

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