Common Fault / Fix: Shaft Out of Alignment with Lead Arm

Tim Graves, PGA The Fault - Not establishing the “Rod” Position When the club shaft is out of alignment with the lead arm at address, we consider this an incorrect position. This alignment is very important when it comes to the Single Plane Swing because it puts the body in a position to move ...

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Looking For New Instructors

Advice From a Few Alumni

Tim Graves, PGA Every so often, I like to have our students teach our students / future students.  I believe there is no better advice to a student than advice from an alumnus who is well into their process of improvement.  So, it's that time again.  Here are a few emails I have ...

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Hybrids vs. Irons – When to Hit

Tim Graves, PGA When do you hit hybrids, when do you hit irons? Here are a few scenarios of when it is recommended to hit a hybrid and when it is recommended to hit an iron. First - A Hybrid is best thought of as a long / mid iron replacement.  It is a club ...

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